All Your Questions About That Shocking ‘Flight Attendant’ Finale, Answered

After eight episodes of suspense and epic adventures, The Flight Attendant has landed—safely, I might add. The Kaley Cuoco-led series came to a more-than-satisfying conclusion in the December 17 finale that saw—spoilers ahead—one villain die, two emotional reunions, and more than enough mystery for another season. 

“Please, dear God, make season two happen,” Michelle Gomez, who plays Miranda Croft, told Glamour. “Both myself and Miranda would absolutely love to come back. There’s a number of places the story can go, and we’re hoping we can.” 

The HBO Max dark comedy was originally intended as a limited series, but thanks to critical acclaim and impressive stats, a second season is seeming more and more likely.  (Per an HBO Max press release, TFA debuted to the largest audience of any original series on the streamer). In fact, even before the series premiere, Cuoco and co-showrunner Steve Yockey told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that season two ideas were already being discussed. “It’s a limited series, and [yet] we have plans baked in,” Yockey said.

Until HBO Max makes a formal announcement, there’s plenty to dive into from the finale, starting with the unlikely duo of Miranda and Cassie. They teamed up to take down party-boy Buckley (who is actually an assassin named Felix) but got sidetracked when Miranda was called to take care of business with her boss, Victor. (That business involved killing him, FYI). But in the process, Miranda was shot in the leg, which caused her to miss her flight with Cassie to Rome. 

Speaking of Cassie, she was ambushed by Buckley/Felix at the Rome airport, but thanks to Megan, the police detained him. Felix, ever the sly fox, got out of this predicament, though, and eventually caught up with Miranda (who took another flight to Rome). The two have an epic showdown straight out of Mission Impossible in the elevator of Cassie’s hotel. (“It was probably 85% me doing those moves, and 15% my stunt double,” Gomez told Glamour. )

Michelle Gomez as Miranda Croft. “She’s just a badass, no-nonsense woman that is a shark,” Gomez tells Glamour. “She’s more than just a villain because that can get old really fast. It was important to me to find the flaws and quirks in her, as well as the inconsistencies.”

Phil Caruso/HBO Max

Viewers don’t see the outcome of the match until Cassie is by herself in her hotel bathroom and sees a lifeless Miranda in the bathtub with Felix ready to attack her next. They fight it out, and just when it seems Cassie will be OK thanks to her Roman savior, Enrico, Felix shoots him. Things don’t look promising for Cassie until—shocker—her colleague, Shane, who’s actually a CIA agent assigned to Imperial Atlantic to keep track of Megan, barges in and shoots Felix. Cassie is safe, but Shane says Felix acted alone, implying Miranda was never with him. 

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