Camila Cabello Just Debuted the Haircut All the Cool Girls Are Getting This Summer


Camila Cabello, our newest Cinderella, just got a magical makeover of her own. On Thursday, August 27, the singer and actor debuted on Instagram a brand-new short cut that is right in line with summer’s hottest hair trend: the bob. Her shoulder-length take on the popular style is a good source of inspiration for anyone who might not be ready to fully commit to a shorter tucked bob or the more styling-intensive airy bob. 

Captioning the post “psychofreak,” Cabello paired her new look with neon makeup and nails as she posed in the sun. It was all for her August 26 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, in which she talked about taking on the iconic role of Cinderella in the Amazon Prime Video movie. (It premieres September 3.)

“It’s just incredible,” Cabello said on Fallon. “I was in this new, kind of badass version of the classic fairytale, but it’s told in a totally different way. Cinderella’s just like a badass in this one. She’s not waiting for a prince to save her; she’s saving herself. I feel like the whole fairy-tale values need to be rewritten for 2021.”

She also shut down rumors about getting engaged to her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, joking that she doesn’t know “which hand is the engagement hand.” No comments yet from Mendes about this, though he’s busy getting ready for his Video Music Awards performance on September 12. 

This isn’t the “Havana” singer’s first time rocking shorter hair, either. In October 2020 she joked about losing her “short-hair virginity” in an Instagram post with her chopped locks. 

Cabello joins a recent trend of celebrities deciding to shed some inches this summer. Most recently, Billie Eilish debuted her new short, shaggy bob on Instagram. All the more inspo to take to your next salon visit.


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