Caitlyn Jenner Files Paperwork to Run for Governor of California


Kanye West is not the only quasi-Kardashian to dip their toe into the pool of politics. Caitlyn Jenner has just announced she will be running for governor of California. She made the announcement via a press release also posted to her social media channels, stating that she has “filed the official paperwork” to launch the Caitlyn for California campaign. The next gubernatorial election in California is in November 2022–a year and a half away–though there has been a serious push to recall current governor Gavin Newsom, in which case a special election would be held sooner.

In her announcement Jenner cited her more than 50 years as a California resident, experience representing the USA at the Olympics, and her work “helping to advance the movement for equality,” calling herself a “compassionate disrupter.” She then critiqued Newsom’s handling of lockdown efforts in the state and the “one party” rule of Democrats. Jenner did not specify a party affiliation in the announcement. 

The immediate reaction online overall was negative. All the top comments on Jenner’s Instagram post are some version of “no.” The tone was similar on Twitter, where one user diplomatically replied, “Thanks but no thanks. Why do celebrities think they will make good leaders? Too many failed attempts.”

Responded another, “I wanted to laugh at this but I remember the last time a celebrity ran for office and I laughed it off he became the president of the United States,” which, yeah, never say never.

Keep in mind, though, that Twitter doesn’t actually decide elections.

California has had its share of celebrities turned governors, including Ronald Reagan, who went on to the White House, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who then went back to acting.

As of this writing none of Caitlyn Jenner’s famous family members have commented on her campaign. We’ll keep you posted.


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