Blake Lively Shared a Photo of Her Butt to Support Ryan Reynolds’s New Movie

Well, this is certainly…cheeky of you, Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl star is supporting her husband Ryan Reynolds’s new movie, Free Guy, however she can—and this week that means posting butt pics on main. If you’re at work, it’s okay to keep scrolling; she has a bikini on.

On Thursday, August 12, Lively added a picture of herself wearing a blue thong bikini bottom and a top with detached sleeves to Instagram Stories. Can you reveal the brand, Blake? It’s so cute!

“Go see @freeguymovie this weekend or you’ll be bummed,” wrote Lively, who often jokes around on social media. See the pic, below.


Reynolds recently revealed that not only does Lively “troll” him at home, she’s also gotten their three daughters—James, Betty, and Inez—in on the game. “Even my daughters now troll me, so, like, I’m safe from nothing,” he told People.

There’s always something just a little unexpected with this couple. Take, for instance, Lively’s latest red-carpet outfit, which she wore to the Free Guy premiere: a gorgeous pink sparkly gown with cutouts and a ridiculously pretty pressed-flower manicure. “I’m still not over these flower-pressed nails,” Lively wrote on IG to nail artist Elle. “Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of both your hands!?! My nose has come in very handy….”

And underneath it all? No, not a bikini, but sneakers. Meanwhile, she also put Swarovski crystals in her hair and called herself Diamond Pony for the night. 

“What a huge night for #FreeGuy. And what a huge night for @blakelively because this means we’re Instagram official,” Reynolds joked on Instagram the night she wore this dress. “I know how important that was to her.” 


I say this with nothing but admiration: It must be kind of a hoot to be Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, right? 

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