55 Halloween Nail Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Spooky szn is finally upon us. And if Pinterest and Instagram trends are any indication, Halloween costumes—including Halloween nails and Halloween makeup—are back and better than ever for 2021. 

Even if you’re not ready to go all-out this year (or dressing up isn’t really your thing regardless of a pandemic) Halloween nails are the perfect middle ground to show a little spirit. They’re fun, cheap, and not all that difficult to DIY, and they look particularly great on Instagram while you’re holding a cocktail or spiked cider. Plus, even when the world is normal, putting together an elaborate Halloween costume is sometimes better in theory than it is in practice. Between the money it costs to buy an outfit and the time it takes to execute the makeup, it can end up being a lot of effort. That’s where nail art has an edge.

Our favorite takes on Halloween nail designs this year are basically twists on the trends already big for fall. Think French tips, mismatched Skittles manis (how appropriate), and shades of orange that aren’t too on-the-nose, but just enough to get the point across. 

October 31 is just around the corner. Let’s have some fun. Scroll on for the best Halloween manicure ideas for 2021.

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