39 Famous Scorpio Celebrities Who Definitely Know How to Embrace Spooky Season

Feel that chill in the air? That was the shift over to Scorpio season, meaning it’s time to celebrate the birth of Scorpio celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Drake, and so many others. The sign of people born from October 23 to November 21, Scorpio is often associated with intense, dark energy and personalities—perfect for this spooky time of year. 

But Scorpios are water signs—along with Cancer and Pisces—which means they can be surprisingly sensitive underneath that mysterious outer shell. They’re simply very private, and if you get in good with one, you’re in good hands: They’re deeply loyal friends and partners and extremely passionate in their feelings and beliefs. Scorpios are also ambitious and whip-smart, so if you plan on debating one, you better have your ducks in a row. Or else.

Above all else, Scorpios always remain authentically themselves, through and through. Which is why many of the celebrities on this list are true originals. Read on for 39 famous Scorpios.

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