37 Cozy Gifts the Quarantined Extrovert Needs Right Now


With almost everyone staying put for the holidays, cozy gifts are a must to bring a little warmth to the long, cold days ahead…even if we’re only dreaming of being outside this year. The coziest gifts are especially clutch for the extrovert longing for boozy brunches, packed museums, and maybe even cringe-y run-ins with distant family friends—literally anything that qualifies as everyday human interaction. Alas, these are downright strange and trying times, but surrounding ourselves with plush, comforting clothing and decor to warm us up both literally and figuratively can help us stay calm and collected. So whether they’ve been introverted homebodies their entire lives or need a little help nesting this season, show your favorites some love with 37 spirit-lifting cozy gifts, ahead. 

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