33 Statement Earrings Guaranteed to Pop on Zoom

When you think of “stand-out accessories,”  don’t sleep on the best statement earrings. Sure, your mind may turn to your favorite pair of strappy sandals or your first designer handbag snagged from The Real Real—but if you’re looking for an easy way to amp up everyday looks, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better accessory. 

While minimalistic gold hoops in varying sizes, styles, and textures have reigned supreme over the last few years, eye-catching drop earrings, sculptural 80s-inspired studs, or show-stopping shoulder dusters can take any tiny Zoom box to the next level. In normal life, statement earrings are a must for weddings, holiday parties, weekend nights out, and the like. But for now, we’ll proudly don our most eccentric pair to sit on our couch and virtually bar-hop happy hours. 

Best of all, brands from Mango to Madewell regularly design on-trend statement earrings starting at just $10. So let your favorite hoops take a day off, and shop the best statement earrings on the internet right now—all for $50 or less. 

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