27 Gifts Your Taurus Friends Will Love, According to an Astrologist


Spring has sprung in all its splendor, which means Taurus season is well underway. But before you stop to smell the roses, take a beat to shop gifts for Taurus that will make the indulgent earth sign’s birthday even more decadent. Known for a laid-back demeanor paired with a quiet diligence and reliability, those who fall under the second sign of the zodiac (born April 20 through May 20) are some of the best friends one could ask for. So this isn’t a birthday you want to skimp on—and we’ve got enough Taurus-approved zodiac gifts to go around.

Psychic medium and astro expert Myles Johnson knows a thing or two about the stars, so we got their take on what to expect this Taurus season, and what gifts your favorite Taurean people might be wishing for this year. “If you’ve had the need for decadence (one more sweet treat, an extra 15 minute nap, splurging on that expensive thing), you can blame it all on Taurus which deals heavily with beauty, comfort, and value,” they told Glamour.

So how do you wow the steadfast bull in your orbit? Don’t be afraid to be extra. Because while Taurus is still an earth sign, it’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty—which means they’ll appreciate gifts that please the senses and give off feminine energy. “With Taurus season, you want to highlight the things that bring value into someone’s life. It’s less about function and practicality, and more about enhancement,” says Myles. “This is a time to gift someone that interesting pomegranate wine that feels too decadent on any regular day or that metallic Telfar bag that nobody needs, but everyone wants. Taurus season is the time to cut fresh flowers and gift them for no reason, purchase that expensive candle that makes love to your nostrils, or try that 24k gold collagen face mask that makes you feel like you’re best friends with Elizabeth Taylor and Diahann Carroll.”

Ultimately, if you’re worried about going overboard with your Taurus gift, don’t be. Now is the time to pamper them with luxurious treasures that will make them feel like the queen (or king) they are. “Taurus isn’t simply asking about what’s functional, but what invites romance, decadence, and enchantment into one’s life. This season is all about bringing in the gifts that turn reality into fantasy, no matter how expensive.” 

Ahead, shop 27 gifts for Taurus that you’ll be undoubtedly tempted to keep for yourself.


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