21 Sexy Bras to Treat the Girls to This Valentine’s Day

Can you count the number of times you’ve worn a real bra since March on one hand? Same. But Valentine’s Day is one reason to bust out the sexy bras collecting dust in your top drawer. Whether you’re boo’ed up or riding solo, dainty intimates can lend themselves to an instant mood boost, because what better way to feel like an adult than being intentional about your undergarments? When Alyssa Coscarelli posted about doing a complete overhaul of her underwear drawer, people came out of the woodwork saying they’d done the exact same thing lately—so it’s safe to say intimates lineups have undergone major purges during quarantine.

If you’ve been known to free the nipple in the interest of comfort, rest assured that sexy and comfortable bras are definitely a thing, with lingerie brands recognizing our desire for practical pieces that also make us feel pretty. The upcoming Hallmark holiday is a good excuse to treat yourself to some fancy new skivvies, and why not go the extra mile and scoop up something special for the girls too? We polled Glamour staffers about the best sexy bras they recommend for when you’re in the mood for something extra, and you can shop them all, below.

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