17 Wand Vibrators That Work Some Serious Magic


Wand vibrators have a solid reputation for making people with clits have mind-blowing orgasms, which is what makes them so popular and beloved. You can pretty much always count on a wand vibe for a good time—but there are some things you should know before getting your hands on one. Ahead, find out wants makes wand vibrators stand apart from the rest—and where to buy ones that’ll deliver truly magical moments. 

How are wand vibrators different from other vibrators?

Wand vibrators (also known as wand massagers) are specifically designed to be used externally. Unlike rabbit vibes or dildos, you typically don’t insert this toy, since it primarily focuses on the clitoris and not so much on the G-spot. Wand vibrators usually have a large, bulbous head that’s meant to stimulate a broader area. Since the clit is actually larger than most people realize, many clit-owners find that using a larger tip that covers more surface area actually equates to a stronger, more powerful orgasm.

A bullet vibrator is similar in that it, too, was created to stimulate the clit. However, bullet vibes are more compact and don’t feature the large tip. More importantly, the type of stimulation it gives one area might be too intense for some clit-owners, who prefer a slightly dialed down, all-over rumbly (versus a buzzing) sensation when masturbating. Which is what you get when you use a wand vibrator.

Not to say the wand isn’t powerful. Oh, it is. In fact, you can thank the wand’s relentless motor for taking you from zero to 100 every single time. Dr. Laurie Mintz, sexuality psychologist and author of Becoming Cliterate and A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex tells Glamour, “The wand allows the motor to be large and that increases the quality of these rumbling type vibrations. Additionally, the size helps stimulate more of the entire vulva region and also enables deep vibrations to stimulate the entire internal and external clitoris.”

The wand also is also easier to hold and maneuver, giving you more control over how intense you want the stimulation to be. Bonus: The clit isn’t the only place the wand can satisfy. You can use a wand to stimulate your nipples, labia, testicles, and any other erogenous zone you may have. And yes, a wand vibrator really does help alleviate sore muscles (that’s what the iconic Original Magic Wand was originally meant for).

Lastly? Wand vibrators come at all different price points, sizes, and colors. Look long enough and you’ll find one perfect for you. To give you a head start, we put all the best wand vibes in one place. You’re welcome.


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