17 Low Bed Frames That Deserve a Spot in Your Room—And Your Instagram Grid

By now you’ve probably noticed the best low platform bed frames taking over Instagram. The minimalist bedroom vibe lends itself to a tastefully undone aesthetic that aspirational nesters have adopted as a “filler post” for their carefully crafted photo grids. The bedding itself is usually tousled like the inanimate version of brunch-ready bed-head, and some influencers are taking it a step further by making a case for a regular old mattress on the floor. That’s right, the furniture faux pas that once sent us running for the hills (or blasting the group chat for an exit strategy) on a date has emerged as an interior design choice that’s worthy of a heart. 

As the lines between work, rest, and entertainment spaces became blurred amid quarantine, freshly made beds weren’t always in the cards. If you’ve worked from home over the past year, your bed probably served as, yes, a place to sleep, but also a place to catch up on emails, devour a new Netflix series, or sit with a towel on your head for far longer than you would have in the before times. As we race to get vaccinated and look toward a post-pandemic life, the nests we’ve nurtured are here to stay—and low platform bed frames will continue to deliver an accessible refinement that’s notably photogenic and almost too easy to collapse into.

Arguably the buzziest iteration of all, Floyd’s modular birch bed frame, which anyone shopping for lower frames has likely considered (or at least spotted on Pinterest), launched back in 2015. It stood out thanks to its easy assembly, customizability, and minimalist aesthetic, and these days you can find a long list of frames that offer the same vibe as that innovative piece of furniture. Most modern mattresses no longer require a box spring, so it’s easier than ever to get that low-to-the-ground look, which you can try for yourself with the frames below. 

Ahead, shop the best low platform bed frames at every price point, grab a few houseplants, and prepare for immaculate, Instagrammable vibes to come.

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