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49 people strive to hoard players to reinforce lineup this year, and Zu Tam is one of them. But the first season of 13 games in 13 games is still in the array. However, 49 people think that this transaction will eventually bring benefits to the team.

National Civil War Cowboys, a wave of three fold, take the eagleOn the 15th week, weeks and Night Tournaments were launched in two co-community teams in Guoxung East. Dallas denim came to Challenge Philadelphia Eagle. The previous records of the two teams were 9 wins and 4 losses. Therefore, this game can be said to have almost determined the status of Guandong District. The cowboy finally defeats the eagle with 38-127, and the eagle is in the 13th week of the two teams. Since the confrontation is first drawn first.

Thomas is unable to participate in this week’s training, and the game of Hongling can’t see his figure. In addition to him, the Human Luke Jolecke is also determined that it is not possible. Mike Dougald will replace Thomas. It is expected that Kam Chancellor, which is equipped with him, is also involved in the training, but there is no sign of the competition.

“Kyle Shanahan and I have very much trusting competition can inspire everyone’s best performance,” Lynch said in the statement. “We also believe that you will never have enough outstanding offensive front line players, Jeremy is of course proved by the selection of professional bowls last season, and it is a very good player.”

Houston Texas Cancel Safety Yal – ThomasEarl Thomas has been identified to visit Houston Texas to conduct a trial, but a series of new crown viruses detection positive results make him have to change the plan.

Jason was written on his own Facebook: “It’s too mad! I saw a Mercedes-Benz Picard, and then Ma Shaun, Linqi jumped into the supermarket, I was Consider don’t want to seek a photo, but I finally decided not to bother him, so I went home with my child, but I actually lost my wraps. When I got home for 10 minutes, my neighbor came to knock on the door. She told me unbelievable things. She said that Lin Qi gave me my wraps. I really can’t believe that the neighbors said this at the time of the community, but she asked the photo at the time. Refused by politeness. This is really incredible. “

Cowboy has tried several players, and it is expected to sign a next time on Tuesday. According to ESPN reporters, Field Yates, these people were Mike Nugent, Jason Myers, Sam, Sam Irwin Hill and Korean people are in public.

Cowboy players – Bele will absent several weeks The most precise player in the history of the league – Bele Baley will be absent from the abdominal injury at least two weeks. Jason Garrett, cowboy, said it is inevitable in short-term replacement.

The second half of the cowboy starts to attack, the cowboy has illegally started, the three gears 11 yards, Luo Mo Chang passed Williams 83 Williams, the latter did not receive the ball, but the corner Willims Cary Williams passed the ball interference was thrown yellow flag Directly send the first work. After that, Romo was killed and 3 gear 19 yard long codes, Romo’s passed, and the latter did not receive a yellow flag, but this time is the pass of the offensive party. Interference foul, denim abandoned. The eagle got the ball, starting from this part of the 14 yards, three-speed 5 yards, Sanchez found Maclin, the latter, the second time, the second time, the first time, the first work, the next is three Set of 11 yards, Sanchez found Maclin, the latter hid the guardian Karr (CARR) long-distance rushing 72 yards to the front code line before the end area, then running to the Sok, 1 yard is relaxed The score comes from 17 to 21. The ball is coming to the cowboy. Due to the illegal launch, it comes to the three gears of 19 yards. Romo is waiting for nearly 10 seconds in the pocket or hesitate to shoot the defensive end of the appearance from behind, the eagle picks up the ball. Cowboy is 14 yard lines begin to attack. McCay twice rushed to 1 yard line, after the right road rush, the score came down, and the score came to 24 to 21 Eagle anti-super cowboy. Cowboy ball, Romo first found Bryant and Witten to take twice, come to Cowboy 45 code line, then Murray twice to win 21 yards to go to the eagle 23 yard line, Romo It is Bryant, almost reaches the Cowboys 2 code line, then Murray strong rush to take the individual in the second time, the score comes 28 to 24, the denim leaders. The eagle will fight again, the three gears 7 yards, Sanchez passed to the lobs, the pass is slightly biased, the latter has failed to pick up the ball, but put the ball pad to the air, the eye-catching cowboy 27 safety sanctuary. Success. The ball is converted to the cowboy, the cowboy starts attacking from the eagle 42 yard, Murray rushed twice, came to the third gear 7 yards, Romo’s long biography directly challenged the Arhead to find the old partner Bryant, the latter With a pair of Fletcher, a pair of 25 yards pass the ball to score, Bryant’s third time, the score came to 35 to 24. The eagle attacked again, the first time I passed the ball attack Sanchez was killed, 2 files 21 yards, Sanchez Looking to the latter behind the 11th, the short route but after the ball, with the speed to get rid of a few times and won 44 yards But because the cowboy is penalized by 15 yards, the eagle came directly to the cowboy 32 yards, and the three attack failed to win the first work, 4 files 3 yards, the eagle selection shoot, the score came to 27 to 35. Cowboy ball, cowboy chooses three rushing, unable to attack the first work, abandon the kick to the eagle. The eagle will fight again, 2 files 13 yards, Sanchez passed the ball to find Sarek, the latter hug in two people, lost the ball, the jeans coach Garrett thrown red flag challenge, challenge success, ball back To cowboy. Cowboy starts attacking from the eagle 34 yards, due to the foul, 3 gear 24 yards, wholesale Nfl jerseys Luo Mo is short to win 4 yards, the cowboy chooses the shot, the 49-yard key shot is successful, score to Cowboy 38 to 27 leading eagle. The eagle will fight again, Sanchez is killed, the eagle is facing three-speed 14 yards, Sanchez is once again killed, 4 files 25 yards have to give it. Cowboy starts attacking from this part of 40 yards, the cowboy is 8 yards, because the eagle is not suspended, the time will run to 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the denim abandoned. After the end of the eagle, after the official suspension, Sanchez’s first passed forward was passed by the Carter of 54 lines, the end of the game, and the score was 38 to 27.