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This week, the steel man welcomes this – Rosley, but this season is the most horrible in the alliance of Bell, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant. Attack 4 group, only 20 minutes in the same game. I was injured as the biggest problem that the steel man is currently facing. Old will come to Deanolo Williams.

As for the reach of Nate Solder in the game, Daniels said: “Whenever we use this tactic, we will quote and report to the referee, which is completely legal. We don’t worry about the ball, but give the other party’s defensive player. “But as the Mike Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer,” “” ” The coach is equivalent to this speculative tactics, and cheap jerseys From china the referee may be disturbed by the strange formation, thus making misconduct or leaking.

“I believe that any of our actions is very bright. Anything will notify the referee before the start of the game. You know, the referee will often ask you if you have any special or different things before the game, even though I am not present at the time. But I can make sure the team has always been communicated with them. “

Patriot Off Attack Coordinator denies deception refereeJosh McDaniels, Josh McDaniels, did not think that the Patriots were deceived in any form, and he felt that the whole thing did not have to investigate.

However, afterwards, the situation turned sharply, Wenz’s reachable-copy is significantly increased, and the eagle that the offensive efficiency is no longer excellent, then only win 3 games. It seems that if this new show is survive in NFL, there are many things to learn.

In Banchi, 30-year-old Banchi received an interview: “Your efforts will have a return, you don’t know what will happen in your future, I appreciate Brown’s approach, I am very happy to continue to have a chance to stay here. “

This injury can not help but let people think about injuries at the 17th week of last season. Bell knees ligaments were over-stretched, causing him to absent the outer card, and also brought the hope of the steel person to advance. Before injury, Bell held the ball in a half-hour time, advanced 58 yards, which is the core of the team attack tactics.

Giants wide receiver David Beckham and renewed for five yearsAccording to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson reported, it has been with the New York Giants wide receiver Odell small – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) complete the contract. Contract of 5 years, pay up to $ 95 million, including $ 65 million in welfare. It also makes him the league’s highest-paid wide receiver.

Bell knees injured, laughter missed a few weeksPittsburgh Steadman Run Guidian – Bell (Veon Bell) again suffered injuries. He was in advance on the right knee injury in the right side of the second quarter of the second quarter. Bell was in a rush in the side of the side, and the knee suffered a violent collision and also made him unable to continue to stick to the game.

Chicago bear coach Negior: will use more punch attackAfter the honeymoon during the last season, Chicago Bear Coach Matt Nagy has been criticized because of the bad performance of the offensive group this season.

“I am very comfortable,” Wenz said, “I know that it is still the event, but I can more focus, I will worry too much last year. Now I can understand the important part before the start of the attack. & mdash; & mdash; What is my options, what will work. I understand that these will become totally different. You will not care about the end of the Double Branch Festival. “

25-year-old Beckham, the former will enter the fifth year of his rookie contract, salary $ 8.4 million. Last season ankle injury claims do not affect him back to health, to continue killing four. Beckham’s four-year career three-time Pro Bowl, four season, played a total of 47 games, completed 313 catches, 4424 yards advancing, made 38 touchdowns.

Carson – Wenz feels that he is progressing smoothly this year.Beijing June 13th, the eagle quartz, the Carson Wentz, the new show, the opening of the game, the first six game won four games, eight reached, 3 times, 3 times, the real fee I have been crazy.

Therefore, Wenz decided to take the four-defense expert Adam Dadox (He I think this will be helpful, because “countless outstanding players have found him, they are indeed help.” After Wenz feels guidance, he plays more smoothly.

Previously, the highest annual salary and total security payments were the highest wide receiver Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) (annual salary of $ 17 million) and Mike – Evans (Mike Evans) (security payments total $ 55 million). Beckham leapfrogged to become the first two. Although the level obtained as quarterback said before the contract did not like, but the salary was very enviable. The amount of his security payments after Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) (9450 million) and Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins) (8400 million). 19 million in non-salary players also behind quarterback von – Miller (Von Miller) (1908 million).