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When asked if it was planned to adjust the team four-point candidate, Arreon did not hesitate to deny it, and said he is willing to fully support Stanon: “No, no. Stanton is our quarter. In the past 2 weeks, he did make 3 or 4 worse passes decided, but no four-point guards can avoid this. We never thought of replacing four-point guard, he is the one who will lead us to advance. “

The overtime will be in the case of the cast coin before the start of the game. If one of the first attack is reached in the first wave of the overtime, or if the first wave of attack is reached or free, or there will be security in the overtime, and the game is directly over. . If the first wave of offensive ends with any ball, the lost partition has a chance to attack. If you win the reached the battle, you can win, you have not scored the ball, pull back the free kick’s score, the next time you score One party wins.

Beijing time on Friday, November 9, 9:20 this morning, the regular season of this season entered the tenth game week. This week’s Thursday night game ushered in a strong dialogue, 5 wins and 2 losses 1 flat Melan North District head-name team Pittsburgh steel man sitting home, meeting the status of the Fellow of Carolina. The Black Panther is currently 6 wins this season, and the second place in the Dabin South District. In terms of historical records, the two teams have played in the 2014 season in four years ago. At that time, the steel man pasted the panther 37:19; the steel man lost to the black panther or in the 1996 season.

If the competition is still a single in the end of the conventional time, it is necessary to enter the overtime of sudden death law (similar to the golden ball in the football match), the time is 15 minutes.

In the past 10 knots, the ramp offensive group completely completed 1 time. We can understand that Arreon is so trust in Stanton, but all fans want Stanton to respond to this trust. As a few weeks ago, the red scitch was still popular, and now they only lead the Seattle Hawks in the advantage of a winner. Stanton and his team need to find a state as soon as possible, re-start.

Smith Schone missed the past three games due to knee injury, he was originally prepared to come back in the next game. He was able to run straight on December 4. He was injured in the game of Blivland Brown on November 14, and he was also encountered in the brake.

James Conner, who was injured with Smith Schustt, was fully participated in the training on Wednesday and Thursday. In the case of the lack of two, the steel man rely on the excellent play of other players.

Shuque coach: Stanton will lead us to advanceArizona Red Colta Coal Bruce – Arians said on Wednesday in local time, which was embarrassed by Atlantian Funding, and said that the team did not prepare the game. However, Arreon is not intended to blame the responsibility of the two losers on the 4-point Delu Stanton. After the injury of Carson Palmer, Steamon’s offense led for 3 consecutive weeks, which also made him controversial.

Steel people take over the smithsite knee injury aggravationAccording to informed of ESPN, Pittsburgh steel people took over Zhu Zhischt (Juju Smith-Schuster) is expected to not play the next game against the arousefrumb, because his knee injury in the training on Thursday. .

Buck received radio interviews: “I am uncertain, do I make sure I adhere to positive, I think we are dry. I feel dissatisfied with fans, and many people in them feel bad, they give us any of us. If you want, I will show them to the team’s love through the public platform. If we don’t do this, then please blame me. “

The general manager of the 49 people in San Francisco feels bad for fans.Trent Baalke, the general manager of San Francisco, is a direct responsible person in the 49-person game, but he seems to be a little dissatisfaction with his team fans last weekend.

But don’t forget that fans are still loyal, those fans who have experienced 49 people in 80s, and Jim Harbaugh, while they are still supporting this team. This is why they will be outside the court. The slogan that erects “fried Trent” because they care about the team.

Falcon’s Line O’Brien Skifield (O & # 39; Brien Schofield) said: “We have a loss of his loss, he has across our region before the game, and then our line guard is warm At that time, our line guards made him leave, Norman slowly went to our coach, and then he looked at our coach, so slowly, this is obviously a hint. “

After the game, Beckham was banned, Norman was fined $ 26,000, and the player of Atlanta Falcon’s players who were willing to face the Black Leopard challenge revealed the previous understanding of Norman.

Atlantian Feman Player: We know Norman Josh Norman is now the best corner guard without controversial. People also learned that he likes to say some trash in front of the game and Grandspauldingdodge.com the game, as a dispute between he and the New York giant’s external connections, Odell Beckham Jr..