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Steve said to the official website of the crow: “Marshall is very suitable, I have talked about this with him last week. He can be a tactical core, you need this kind of person at the end of the game. It usually takes a lot of players who have hard work. But people who really determine the game can not meet. “

Pony hopes that T. Y Hilton can participate in the second week.In the first week of the Indianapolis Pony, in the game, the small horses took over T. Y Hilton knee injured. I don’t know if I can play the New York jet in the next week.

Last season, Fuller showed that he was able to defeat the opponent player in a pair of places and interfere with the quartz guard. He completed a total of 67 compression and ranked first in all exterior rushing hands in alliances. Falcon hopes that Fuller can continue this performance.

The first week of the game, the Pony Hilton is the main offensive weapon of Pony. He completes 7 batches to advance 88 yards. This season is very important for Hilton, because he has entered the last year of the contract, and people want him to become a member of the top of the league.

49-angle Weiherman: I will apologize to Brown SiwumefieldSan Francisco 49-angle Wei Richard Sherman said that he and the dispute between Baker Baker Baker Mayfield on Wednesday, he may contact the latter and apologize.

Although rushers usually break the record during the offset period, the essence of professional players is to initiate an impact to the highest goals. If Fuller can get nearly 20 times in the new season, the Falcon has completed a wise investment.

Fuller is bad in his early career, first reimbursed the torn torn with the knee before the beginning of the rookie season. In the 3rd and a half of the effectiveness of Jacksonville, he has never obtained more than 8 kills.

According to informed people, if the lightning is finally moved to Los Angeles, the raid people may move to San Diego in 2017 or 2018 season. Among them, those who know that the raid people move to San Diego “very feasible”.

“I have a lot to prove … You haven’t seen anything,” Fuller said on Thursday. “In order to become the best outer rushing hand of the alliance, you have to get two digits every year. This is my job, I have been set up the goal of two digits every year. Last year is 11.5 times. I think It is necessary to have more than 11.5 to 12.5 times a year. “

Active Marshal, who is resigned to the jet, I hope that the next footpoint will be a superb bowl competition team. The last season of the crow is only a Antonio-Brown to the United States. The next season has a more competitiveness.

During the preseason of the Punston Texas people in the local time, Baker sent the battery car from the right knee injury. He was painful when he was supported and obviously couldn’t let his legs suffer any pressure. He later did not return to the game.

“This is indeed my fault,” Sanlman said on Wednesday. “I have never wanted anyone who has not been committed to the mistakes. He will face the problem, those who are not satisfied in that game, it is uncomfortable, and of course he will therefore I have to apologize. I may contact him through SMS or social media, truly talk to him on the phone. “

cheap nfl Jerseys reporter Ian Rapople invoked the informed news in the morning, and the initial diagnosis was a knee tendon torn. If the post-test confirms this diagnosis, this injury is almost certainly ended his season.

Steve Smith believes Brandon Marshall is suitable for crowsThe Baltimore Crow has been lacking the old will, and the second-ended hand-in-one, who has just retired. Steve Smith believes that there is a personal concern.

Yesterday, Sherman said in an interview that before the start of 49 people 31-3 defeated Brown, Melfield did not shake his hand before throwing the coins, which made a small storm. After this news release, there is a video display in front of the throwing coins, Mefield and Shelman hit the palm, and ran to the field after the referee picked up the coins.

Melfield said he never wanted to not respect Shelman on Wednesday Wednesday. “This camera and recording are beneficial to me,” Merfield joked. “I respect him and his performance as a player. He is an excellent player, he has maintained a good time. I can’t want to be like this.”

Baker last season only 4 games due to knees injury. Since his first round in 2008, his career has been in the past, his career has been from the past injury. Losing Baker is a big bad news for the presence of a bad fight against the front season.