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New England Patriots play Stephen Gostkowski may miss the thin air of Mexico City. He midden in the game, 4 years old, including 1 62 × 8 shot and 1 time 51 yard. The patriot defeated the Auckland raid in 33-8, and Gustosski became the best special team player in Mei Week.

ESPN reporter reported on Tuesday, USA, and the giant coach hopes that the team’s defensive endorson-Pierve Pierre-Paul returned to the team’s game outside the card, which is January 7 The weekend of -8 days.

Delin is considered to be one of the best alliances of the Alliance. In 2012, he entered the alliance with a rookie identity. During the 2012 season, he was signed from Cincinnati Tiger Training Group and soon he entered a formal list.

Wilson received an interview on Thursday: “I don’t think this will be difficult, I only need to deal with the ball and understand the different situations in the game. & Hellip; & hellip; how to take the ball correctly? I am under Will work hard in a game. “

The best defensive players in Koi Week, the New York Giants, Safety, Nai, Landon Collins. He completed 15 cuddles in the game (11 times) of 11 times; & mdash; and 1 copy. This manifestation helps the giant 12-9 burst into the cockroach victory. This victory helps the giants stop 3 games.

NFL will change the seventh week and night game to the Redquad Sea EagleUS time on Thursday, NFL officially announced that the pirates held originally held on Sunday were changed to the raids in the afternoon 4:05 (China Time).

“I am still a single single game four times.” Wilson said, “Of course, I want a snow, do a good job. I have to go out of adversity, let myself get a week BEST. I have long, I know that the career alliance is difficult, and I know that I have something to adjust or progress. “

“We know that we need to block their attacks, I think we can finally block, but we have been punished and fails to succeed. I feel that I decided to have no effect, you will regret it? Of course, but our thinking Based on the process, from our defensive group, from the performance of our defensive group, I feel that this is the right decision. Just I have not played. “

If Pierll Paul will return to this schedule, the most likely time is still in the middle of January. I believe that Pierll Paul will become one of the regression of the league to make the opponent’s fear.

This decision looks at the analysis of the foot of the foot to stand the foot of the foot, to take 3 points, and put the ball in the case of 3 times and 2 minutes officially suspended, put the ball to pirates & mdash; & mdash; but the game is not Developed like packaging. After the piracy caused the piracy before this, the packaging worker could cause a mistake in the fourth time, and it couldn’t stop the piracy.

Jet 4 points Wellson: will be more sensible to treat the ballBeijing September 26, in the third year of college, Siwuzak Wilson (Zach Wilson) is known for the passing novelty. But after the past Thursday, the ball was copied, his Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China team & mdash; & mdash; jet & mdash; & mdash; I hope he can be more “boring”.

The wild horse is not in the week. The Trevor Lawrence is not in love, so that this quartz 33 times passed only 14 times, pushing 118 yards, reaching it once, being copied twice. Wilson said herself will learn from the experience.

The new Orleans Saint Run Marke – Mark Ingram has only completed the 134 yards of the 134 yards, helping the saints to enhance the Washington red skin with 34-31 reversal. He has become the best offensive player in China.

When the packwork fans think of this National Lands Championship, the consequences of this decision will make them worry. At that time, the packaging workers need to get the reachable and then complete 2 points to change the score. They have come to the pirate 8 code line position to start the first attack. After three consecutive passes unsuccessful, Lavlo needs to make a key decision, and he decided to play 3 points first.

“This decision doesn’t work at any time, you will always regret it, right?” Lavlo said that there was no choice of strong attack after the game. “At the time, the situation was continuously 3 times but did not advance, but we did not only need to reach 2 points. I was that the view was that in view of 2 minutes official suspension, we actually have 4 times. “

The best defensive players in the United States of America, Palti Moop, Matthew Judon. He won 7 times in the competition of the Crow 23-0 defeated Green Bay packaging. This victory allows the crow to continue to maintain the hopes of the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh steel man takes over Antonio Brown is the best offensive player of Mei Week. He continued to express his demonstration to take over the league number, at 40-17 defeated Tennesi Titan, he completed 10 balls to get 144 yards 3 times. Brown has now completed 70 battles to get 1026 yards 6 times.

Packaging worker: I thought that the last moment would be selected to be correct.Green Bay packaging works 2 cases in the fourth quarter of the State Championships of Tampawan Pirates, but it has not been utilized to use the opportunity score. However, when the competition is near the end, they get a chance to reach an array.