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For Jones, the biggest challenge is in the protection network: I don’t know when the opponent defensive player is close to my holder. I know when to shoot the ball in the mobile, know when the opponent defensive player is close and hopes to put the ball. When you drop, you still have to take the ball.

US time on Thursday, Cheap Nfl Jerseys Rivira said: “There will be competition in the team. This time I know who I get the first position, but he wants to compete with other people. I want to bring the first opportunity to bring the biggest victory opportunity. , People who grow and develop opportunities. “

Washington coach: Fitz Patrick is the first, but you need to competeWhen Ryan Fitzpatrick is signed, Washington will treat him as a first quadrant. However, according to the coach Ron Rivera, this is still a job that needs him to fight.

Since there is no preseason, there are not many competition in Washington, which last year, Dwayne Haskins, also easily gains the first opportunity. After four games, Rivira made Haskins as a substitute, and then cut it due to the external problem.

After the game, Eddie said that he was told after the diagnosis was diagnosed. It was only a stimulus. But on Friday night, the flashing team learned that Eddi actually suffered brain shock, so the team said that Eddie was already released after the field, but an additional diagnosis on Friday.

“We have many training programs to improve the movements in the quarter-saving protection network,” Carterkrif said. “We let equipment staff, coaches & mdash; & mdash; any person we can use to create a small and tight space in the four-dimensional protection network. People will ignore the sound of protecting the net. Noise will have most ordinary people What effect? ​​You will retreat. You have to keep your attention. So I will shout, I do different things. “

At the time of this injury, when Romo was preparing to slap the mission, the back of the red skin is shocked, because his back is just over-surgery, then Luo There was no movement after the ground until a few teams helped him into the locker room. This scene made the fans had to pinch a cold, then substitute the four-point Weeden, the Brandom Weeden.

The doubtful thing is that Eddie continues to play games and let the fans who look at the game are very uneasy, and the fans can see his injury but why the team’s team doctor can’t. As we all know, the flash has always had the tradition of letting the brain shock players continue to play the game: 2011, the sharp Kris Dielman is not immediately separated from the stadium, but it is shocking. At the game, the brain shock has exacerbated and let his career end.

The flashing team acknowledges that the security guard is still covered by brain.On Thursday Night Tournament, San Diego Flash Street challenged the Denver Mangma team, the Switch Safety Weihe List – Jahleel AddAe has a symptom after brain shock. At that moment, he did not know what he was measures, it looked at his feet twitching, but still stayed on the court to continue the game. The fans are in social media, why did the flashing team still have such obvious pain still let him stay.

Last month, Texas used the 2020 Two-round sign (No. 57) to Cooks and a 2022 four-wheel sign. Previously, the ram used a first round to exchange Cook and a four-wheel sigger and signed a $ 51 million contract with it. Cook was selected in Saints in 2014, three years later traded to New England.

Cook said: “I will look at it with a positive attitude, this is said that I was needed, I was still considered a high level of external connection. The previous trading chip is the first round sign, this time is a two-wheeled. Honestly, I can play in so many different teams, and different quarters. & Hellip; & hellip; so I don’t think this is a bad thing & hellip; & hellip; I am an adaptive person, no matter where to go I will try to play. “