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Brown has traded to get the Miami dolphin taken Jarvis Landry. Brown has paid a draft this year and a selection of next year. The prior to the past Baltimore and the Saint New Orleans expressed interest in the deal of Landri.

Dun Rew for the tiger is one of the most underestimated flush hands in the alliance. Although he is still 30 years old, he can still apply a lot of pressure on the opponent quartz. Every season in the past six seasons has been achieved at least 7.5 times. Under Okuri, Dun Ru is the best performance in his career, and he is selected for professional bowls in 2015 and 2016. Johnson had a successful season in Okuri, and a total of 44.5 kills in his career.

Russell – Wilson Twitter Herd of 2017 SeasonNow the 51st superbit champion is the new England Patriot, Tom Brady once again won your own champion ring, is time to let us think about which two balls will be in the next super bowler? The team meets.

Career is about to enter the fifth year of Landri completed 112 battles last season, ranked first, but he only got 987 yards, and the average of 8.8 yards were advanced each time. His 9 vacation gangs the dolphins, but he is not a long attack weapon. He is an inside of the article that is suitable for the article near the kickn.

New England Patriots have got 10 victories in the regular season of 14 consecutive seasonings, ranking 2nd long in NFL history. In the last week, the patriot was easily overcoming the Los Angeles ram with 26-10, helping the team’s four-point Wei Tom-Braddy got his career 201 game (including the playoffs), this achievement is the cheap nfl jerseys From china history starting quarter The most in the sky. If this week, the patriot will win, while the Miami dolphin is losing, the patriot will also become the first team in the NFL history.

Sui Sham’s injury in the season caused the steel person to lose the stable player choice. They have used Garrett Hartley and Josh Scobee. In the end, they signed Chris Boswell, and he had 32 free kick attempts to live in 29 times, and the 26-time True Try is 26 times. He will become the next main player of the steel man. hand.

Brown’s transaction is very reasonable. They need to rely on external connections. Josh Gordon has superman’s talent, but he has repeatedly occurred, and the front first round of Xiki-Coleman has not yet to show his expectations before the show. Ricardo Louis and Rashard Higgins are just role players.

Assistant defensive coach: First round Xiufreell is suitable for team defensive systemOn June 12th, the Cleelin Ferrell from the University of Clemsen, Cleelin Ferrell, was selected by the Auckland raid by the Auckland raid, and many people were shocked when they were selected by the Auckland raid.

The raidists don’t care about the so-called Ferre Herburns can also be selected by the next step. They are looking for a player who is right to find, and finally find the people looking for and pick him.

Baltimore Crow continues to be a name of the Pittsburgh Steelman, and they need a victory to continue to maintain the status quo, ensuring that they are not in advance. The crow currently wins two consensus, and in the past five games with the patriots, 4 of them were taken. In the face of patriot, the crow has a great psychological advantage. In the last week, the crow quartz Wei Qiao-Vlaco passed 381 yards and 4 times to help the crow blood wash dolphins. Before the death of the enemy, enter the state in advance, this is the decree to seek to see.

It is reported that Brown is expected to negotiate with Randri after the completion of the transaction, and this new contract will make Randri to one of the highest payrolls in the league. The current salary space reaches $ 113 million, Brown has enough space to do this.

“Clain happened to be the player I want to find,” Gondon recently said. “The players we have had this players are like this. We are in Cincinnati, Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap, is the defensive end of each protection, they are able to The big piece of rushing and anti-running. So he happened to be the player we were looking for. “

No matter what the raft does it, Whether the Fos can bring the lack of stability to the position of the ram four-defense, still a person’s gaze. If he can’t do it, don’t expect Davis, Kan Nan or this rookie to save the team.

NFL official website, Mike, Mike Mayock, believes that Bryce Petty, Bryce Petty, California, Los Angeles, Brett Hundley, Caloro, Colorado University – Garrett Grayson has the best one of the best people, but the ram wants to find the Fos from the Sam Bradford to the Philadelphia eagle The four-dimensional assumptions of the substitute will compete with the replacement of four-point guards Austine-Davis and Case Keenums.

At Florida State University, Swan, Winston, Winston, and Oregon, Marcus Mariota, may be very early before the pension of the ram Under the case of being passed, listening to the ram may pick four-point guard at a slightly releared.