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Next, the landing of the four superbals will gradually be decided, the next in February 2019 will be held in the AT & AMP; T, in addition to too long waiting time, Jones still expresses the willingness to give up. & mdash; & mdash; because of an international competition. He said: “This is quite limited, our home contest is very important, and if we have funded, I am not sure, we will bid for the super bowl, but we will only do things.”

Broncos coach: the team no problem passing attackOver the past few weeks, the Denver Broncos consistently mercury spilled passing attack seems to fall into a little trouble, especially in the face of last week’s game in Buffalo Bill Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) but there were no reports once the audience two further outer band pass touchdown steals, which also makes continuous Manning touchdown pass aside Event 51 times. Passing attack stagnation not only to Mustang fans worried, even more so fantasy gamers complain incessantly.

4 years agoBroncos coach John – Fox (John Fox) Speaking in an interview with ESPN interview with the matter: “We have no problem passing attack, we can not every game with 50 passes to bombard each other to tell the truth do not pass the ball. not my decision but the decision of the court of the situation, the number of times the past few weeks we do a lot of red ball attack, but does not mean we pass out of the question. and vice versa, we passed the ball a lot, they also ground offensive does not mean that we are out of the question. “

Ranker signed the front of Billi Knit, Robe CurtmanAn urgent need of the Los Angeles ram in the defensive group and the Los Angeles, the most experienced angular guards in the current free player market.

On Friday’s radio access program, Jones was asked if you need to host a superbown, you need to host a home game in London for 5 consecutive years. He replied: “This will make our financial tight, we will increase the bid Price, because the alliance will give you a request price, but your bidding price will definitely be the price you want. “

The Robe Curtman never missed the game last season in Bill’s highest 2 times in Bill, he has achieved a total of 44 yards and copies and 1 time, in addition, he rushed back to the opponent Once up to 1 time. He also got 27 cockroaches 7 times to destroy the pass.

Arroy said: “Our running will undoubtedly need to be improved, we need to find out the reason and correct the reason and correct. The most important thing is the offensive system, when running, other 10 people must do itself. Work, this is not easy to play games. “

There is no doubt that the rave will pick a corner in the draft, but their defensive system needs more excellent players in second-line defense. Robei Curtman is a stable player, although he is slightly declining at last season, the ram can put him directly in the first lineup at the beginning of the new season.

But I have to admit that he is one of the best external connections in NFL history. He is also a contributor of the new England Patriots 2007 Superior Season, who recently spoke on Tom Brady and the aerated door: “I always appear in the area you need in Bradi, I call this professional, but Bray Di also can always be prepared in advance. Braddy is a professional player in professional players, I like him, and everything he completed. “

Fox went on to add: “Well, now no better Bi Manning quarterback, so I wanted to remind everyone: Although we seem to pass on three consecutive four weeks is not so sharp, that does not mean we die. we’re just trying to use a more reasonable way to win, hoping to be able to contribute effectively performance in passing and rushing the ball. “

Langdi – Moss: I am always in the area that Breddy wants to pass.Randy Moss does not need to prove anything to the public, and he is destined to be a member of the future celebrities. But we all know that he does not seem to be dealing with the media during his player.

The pirate coaches are still confident in Doug – MartinThe ground offensive of Tampawan pirates this season is sluggish, the team main running guards – Martin’s current total number of routines is not 100 yards, and it has not been able to find new show in the past two seasons. Highlights, fans are very disappointed with Martin. However, the coaches in the pirate team are still full of confidence in Martin.

But this does not mean that Martin is not moving, visite site and the Bobby Rainey is a strong competitor. In the case of Martin, Railini rushed out of 144 in the case of Martin. Excellent results of the code. This is also forcing Martin to try to grasp every opportunity.

The team’s four-point guards Marcus – Arroyo said that he was very satisfied with Martin’s competitive state. He said in an interview with ESPN: “He strives to train and the game looks very much. He is always looking for a number of opportunities to get a code, and he has no slack. He also pays attention to the team’s cooperation, and I am very satisfied. “