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According to cheap nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Mahms’ injuries may make him at least three weeks. Old Matt Moore will replace him. Last week, Moore was completed 10 times, pushed 117 yards, reached once, no copy, passed the ball to ratify 89.1. Moore career debut record 15-15, the pass rate of the pass is 60.4%, the averaging is advanced in 192.4 yards, reaching 41 times, being copied 26 times.

The bear coach: the new show is not fixedThis year, the selection of the selection of the 7th hand, Kevin White, I have not participated in the training of Chicago, and now, the head coach John Fox does not know when he is injured when he can return. .

Relevant people believe that the horses signed Taylor add an insurance to the team’s defensive front line lineup, if Malik Jackson selection test water free market, and finally leave the team, the wild horse can at least guarantee the complete lineup Sex, of course, Taylor can remain healthy. At the same time, the wild horses will do full efforts to renew Jackson.

In our last season, I saw the New York Giants Xiujiao, Odell Beckham, after the performance of the training camp in the absence of the training camp in the leg glute, and the new show is still possible to quickly play the power in the absence of training camp. White apparently has such an ability.

Wild horse signing defensive sharp line player TaylorDenver Horse continues to try to replenish the wavar after winning the super bowl. On Mondays, the team announced the signing defensive sharp line player Phil Taylor. Last season, Taylor did not participate in any competition because of knee injury, and the first Christian Xiu Xiu was tristed by the team during the training camp.

Steelman line Sandshel has returned to Pittsburgh to receive healingSteel people announced on Wednesday, RYAN Shazier has returned to Pittsburgh. He will receive further governance at the University of Pittsburgh.

Ryan once studied at the University of Rigina, where he served as an external hand and abandoned. He achieved 109 balls during college career. In 2006, he came to join the Green Bay packaging for 2 years for CFL Winnipel blue bombers. He was cut off for the packaging worker after 2 years and then joined the sea eagle and for them for 10 years.

Front Sea Eye abandoned bracel – Ryan regression CFLBeijing May 14th, after a year of unemployment, the former Seattle Sea Eagle abandoned Qiong – Ren Ryan will return to the hometown, which is effective for the Canadian Rugby League.

“I feel that I can still play,” Ryan said last month at the CFL team trial. “If everything depends on me, I will hit 50 years old. I think I am far from retreat, so I want to try these CFL opportunities. The result is 3, 4 here, there may be 5 opportunities.”

37-year-old Ryan was cut off by the Hawks in August last year. He once in the season in the season, it is a shortcoming of Buffalo, but eventually did not escape the fate that was cut before the start of the season.