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The return can add an excellent partner to the Robert Quinn and the defensive cuta, and then they have to face, the powerful Auckland raid Offensive group. The offensive front line of this season is well done well in the protection of four-dimensional, but the raids of Derek Carr will face the heavy pressure of Lang and their teammates.

For wild horses, ideal is that Rock can learn all the necessary things from Flak. Then in the next season, the wild horse can easily get rid of the Flak’s contract and become the team’s first quarter-off.

2015 season NFL preseason pair on tableThe 2015 season NFL preseason will open the curtain in Canton, on August 9th, Beijing time, the first game for the celebrities, the two sides is the Pittsburgh Steelman and Minnesota Viking.

Brown has this year’s draft-shaped dollar sign and the fourth time. They used the second round of draft selection from the second round of draft selection, who had experienced the sect of the season and the general manager, Brown may pick four-point guard again in the election of the election.

Listening, Lisis gave the rookie of the crow to tell how to get a better life, he also as a speech appeared in the West Time Siki University, let people think that he is ready to end your career to do something else.

Lynch’s wild horse career should be able to see the Mustang’s plan for Locke. Similar to Lin Chic, Locke needs to transition from the universal shooting type of Elvi in ​​the university period. And Lynch is different, now Locke looks better and more performance in reading opponents defense. In the second round rather than the first round, the pressure on the Rock should be reduced.

Have to point out that Elvi’s efforts to cultivate young quadrants failed. The front two-wheeled BROK AUOSWELER has leaving the wilderness and depends on the first position. Trevor Siemian is a qualified substitute but does not grow further. Most importantly, the front first round of Paxton Lynch did not achieve expectations.

Drafter Rice’s busty problem, this running guard is 29 years old, there is no number of NFL running guards can still remain in a good state at 30 years old, which is also the reason why most teams don’t dare to sign him.

“First of all, they got a winner,” Mefield said. “If someone can lead this team to turn pop over to this site, it is me,” he said. “They are close. They are very close. They have the right player configuration. I think they only need to find the right candidate in the four-defense position.”

“Deu obviously has a lot of talents, he has many arm talents, but he has to continue to study in many ways,” said Elvi. “I think that when you see his performance in the university attack group, he did not often connect the ball in the center of the dispersion. And in our offensive group, he had a lot of work to do. I think the skill is always It is very important. We pay attention to the accuracy of the ball and accurate, there are still the pace of the pace. We believe that he is very talented, but we also believe that he still has a lot of things. “

Mustang General Manager Elvi: Will slowly cultivate a rookie quartz oculockBeijing May 1st News Danfo wild horse picks Dru Lock (Drew Lock) with the second round of DREW. The wild horse hopes that the young quadrant can learn and grow to the elderly Joe Flacco, rather than replacing the latter in the 2019 season.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the ram was activated from the injury reserves on Saturday, Chris Long from the injury reserves – specified regression list. He received an ankle surgery and was placed in the injury list. It was injured in the first battle in the season. The ram defensive group was poor in the early season, and only once in the first five games. However, in the past six games, they have achieved a total of 21 kills (this phase of this phase)

In the discussion changing proposals include: 1. The team can choose 2 points from 1 yard or selection to play at 15 yards. 2. It is completely canceled to play after playing, and the replacement is to transfer 2 points at 2 yards. 3. Reduce the ball door spacing. 4. Adopt university rugby rules, the defensive group can be reached by grabbing the ball or a copy of the CD by grabbing the shot by the blocking shot or 2 points in the offensive party.

According to Rich McKay, Chairman of the NFL Competition, although the team owners did not vote for specific proposals on Wednesday, they had a “warm” discussion on possible changes. The Alliance will propose a more consistent proposal within 2 months and should vote on this proposal in May.

“This is a good discussion, apparent that we want to change this year,” Maikai said. “As the competition committee, our responsibility is recommended for the next meeting, doing this in the next 30 days, and let everyone have the opportunity to see it and then vote.”