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Bill takes over Waskins eager to overcast new show wallIn recent weeks, Buffalo Bill’s new show, Sammy Watkins, is stunned. In the case of being asked, if he hits “new show wall”, the head coach Doug – Marrone cannot give an answer: “I hope not, I hope everything goes well.”

Freman said in social media: “Today I will retire from cheap Nfl jerseys from China. Health and family have always been what I best consider & hellip; & hellip; thank you for the bear, pony, and violent cavalry (CFL team), thank you I only have a cup of coffee, you are all my family. This trip is very long, but it is also very satisfied. “

Fritan is 32 years old this year, and the bear team is contractually subscribed to the bear team for three years before the start of the season. But the injury and the impact of the prosecution, only 13 games in two years. He only played a game last season and completed 10 times.

Watekins said: “When the season is going to the second half, the defensive players will be more familiar with you. I need to get rid of this kind of dilemma now, the same game will not be accepted. It’s time to change, no People can complete a whole season with the same playing. “

This evaluation is not enough to let the Pony let Haselbeck rest in the game. Pagano said that he believed that Hasselbeck, who had been leaving in the past three games, may still be debut, and complete his eighth place this season.

After losing to Texas, the next game will not ensure that the Pony can enter the playoffs, but this is their only opportunity, so even if you know the three quarter guards – Whitehurst is very It may be debuted in the next game, and the little horse chooses Hassel Baker instead of the latter and is not surprised.

We still think that “12th person” sounds good, but the Hawo hopes to get unique slogan rights, plus the fans of the Hawks can be the best in the National United States, they don’t want to share with others. The fans of Texas farm workers believe that it is also looking forward to getting the right to use the slogan of your neighborhood for a long time.

The Hawks will no longer use 12 people with Texas farm workers. Congratulations to Dezhou Farming University once again became the only team that can officially use the “12th person” slogan and identification.

Bill currently retains the hopes in the playoffs, and the remaining four games are crucial. The team hopes to find a trustworthy ball in this case. Watekins rely on 120 yards on the 7th week and 8th week, and was rated as the best rookie in October. But in the past four games, he only completed the 35-yard advancement. Last week, I only completed 3 battles and won the 11 yards to create a new career.

Blante’s 14th round of shooting was completed 9 times in the season, and 15 additional shooting doors were completed 14 times. In the more than 10 years of career in the Falcon, Bryant’s 296th eradications completed 259 times, and the success rate was 87.5%.

If they win the next game and have hope to enter the playoffs at the last week, the Pony will face the problem of the main quartz guards to prepare the return of the game. Pagano did not want to do such a distant estimate on Tuesday, but Rak himself said that the small horse has a chance to enter the playoffs, he hopes to be able to check and play the regular season of Titani Titan through a doctor.

Bryant is a History of Falcon House, 44 years old, signed a one-year contract with Atlanta before the beginning of the regular season. But he error occurred: Missing an additional shooting door in the game, leading to the team to defeat. Last week, he lost to the sea eagle, he also kicked any of the 50 yards of the ball.

Newton officially signed the patriot in 7.8, which is currently replacing Tom Brady’s first number one. His competitors include the 2019 four-wheeled Show Galret Steedham, old briant-Hoyer, and a Brawl, Brian LEWERKE.

“His training is very hard, in my opinion, all of course all of our players are trying to work.” Belipch said, “especially quarter-saving, this position is very focused, and the ability to own Confident. They can provide information by calling tactics, leading adjustment, wireless communication, cover adjustment, etc.. All progress is very good. “

Old will race the REX BURKHEAD, also expressed its appreciation to Newton: “He is a big piece of head, the physical style is very scary. He has always been an excellent player, very all, can pass the ball Ball. Over the years, it has been maintained at a high level of performance. “