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Rashad – Jennings (Rashad Jennings) told the New York Post reporter: “let the young people know they are in competition with a lifetime to a position when all the unfortunate event that they would soon be eliminated so we need some veteran players of cases to guide these young people, because they may have learned more in the dressing room. “

Under the new coach – Kelly, 49 people may use a lot of shock attack. Hyde is the team’s number one running guard. There is also Mike Davis after him. Shane Davis. Shaun Draughn and Du Juan – Harris (Dujuan Harris).

Robs Gronoski travel to Barcelona

The rest of the stars in the offset season always spectats. The patriot is approaching the close-up of Rob Gronkowski recently to Barcelona to enjoy the Barcelona game.

Mustang near-end back training, this week is expected to appear

Julus Thomas was injured in the left ankle in the game with St. Louis ram, once absent last week’s game. On the day of Thanksgiving, Thomas finally reached the training of the team, although he only completed several basic projects.

The current problem is that Tengiovaro is able to get an opportunity to get an opportunity, which will be an important issue that dolphins need to be addressed in the new season, and Gaoli helps him prepare for the ability or will determine how long his return can last.

“His master of attacking tactics will determine how he will grow rapidly or slowly, and how he can adapt, how he can grow. This is largely dependent on health,” Ga Li said. “There are many factors here. I hope that I can have a big impact on (the growth of Tenguova), but you will never know if it will be. You have to take a player how much better, you Seeing his performance …. We will try to make him in a successful environment when it is correct. “

In the case of being asked by Thomas and Marshall, the head coach John Fox said: “I don’t like to always predict the future, but I need to do it just to observe them. The situation. First, I need to see if they can do better in tomorrow’s training. “

Now most of the team’s offseason activities will usher in the end, it follows that the players have a lot of their own time, Pierre Paul on events I believe that the role of the guard for many young players.

In the game with the ram, Thomas only participated in the 13-stage offense due to the injury. Since then, he missed the training of the whole week, and did not activate in the game of Miami dolphins in the wild horse. The local time is also the first regression training after his injury on Thursday. In addition, the Brandon Marshall encounters the brain in the last week. He needs to detect brain shock to play this week.

The San Francisco 49 people running to wear a jersey in training on Wednesday. He has passed a team doctor inspection and can return to train. Hyde has previously encountered the brain in the preseason of the Green Bay packaging in August 26.

Falcon with this game has also had a battle record. During the last season partition playoff, Falls led the team to win the defending national association champion falcon, empiricaltherapeutics.Com the pass rate of 76.7%, advance 246 yards.

Dolphin offensive coach: I hope to help Tu A-Tengova’s growth

Chan Gailey does not expect Miami Dolphin Dogs Brane Flores, will invite themselves to go out and returned to wholesale nfl jerseys to serve as a dolphin offensive coordinator, but he agreed.

Gaoli Saturday, the opportunity to cooperate with the quarter-free Lenfitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is one of the factors that affect the decision. He admit that if the dolphins have different lineups, it may be another story. In addition to cooperation with Fitz Patrick, Gaoli is also able to work with the first round of Shi San Wei Tu A-Tenguova (Tua Tagovailoa).

Since the 2017 season’s 14th week, the knees have not been played in the back side of the back side, Wenz has not yet played. The eagle is very cautious about his recovery process after his injury, so there is no rush to let Wenz return to the court. Just like the doctor who performs surgery for Wenz: “What is important than a few more than a dozen years of career?”

But Formo this year did not fall race last year. In the third week, this quartz, the pass rate is only 61.5%, promoted 171 yards, did not get up to the array, was copied twice, and the passenger ratings 48.7. He was also killed 6 times, one of which leads to the opponent security.

Giants rookie guard with the case of Pierre Paul

Last year, Jason – Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) became this year’s experience taught the team how the New York Giants new cases people spend free time.