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Texas people’s head coach O’Brien officially won the title of general manager

In the 2019 season, the general manager of Texas was basically completed by Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, this year he got a formal head.

CAL MCNAIR, Chairman of Texas, Cal McNair, said: “The preparation of the 2020 season has begun, give Bill O’Brien and Jack – Eastby more accurate position, with their responsibility It is also very important to match the work. The team will be encouraged by this season, this is from our new structure, new operation method, and leaders in the club. I give fans for the team. The home victory & mdash; & mdash; which includes a playoffs Victory & mdash; & mdash; and proud, this season we also achieved at least 10 wins, fans worthy, we will continue to work hard to bring the champion honor to Houston “

US time Wednesday, Brigs said that he was preparing to retreat but not, it is no longer playing. He said: “If someone told me to let me come back and play, I will say that I am retired. If they say we give you a contract, then I will say good, you have the opportunity to get a new player.”

The O’Brien’s operation is as follows: Two players and a three-wheel sigger with Jade Reneon Clowney, this three-wheeled is sent to the raid. Gareon Conley. A conditional four-wheel signs (now become three-wheeled) were sent to Brown, trading to run Guow Duke – Johnson (Duke Johnson), reserves offensive front line members Martinas Rankin changed to run Karlos Hyde. Two first round signs and other chip deals have been taken in Laremy Tunsile and Kenny Stills.

Odel – Beckham Flag Color Ball Shoes

In order to cater to the American military month theme, the New York giant’s external connections Odel Beckham Jr. put a pair of national flags in the 10th week of the new England patriot.

Last season Hopkins officially ranked among the top of the league, and the regular game completed 111 codes and 11 times, and the three data were new. And although the quarter-saving situation of Texas last season is confused, Hopkins is still with Ryan Mallet, Brian Hoyer or Brandon – Vuitton (Brandon) Weeden and even TJ-TJYATES can win considerable data, which is more rare.

Brigs is graduated from Arizona University in 2003 in the third round of being selected. For Chicago’s effectiveness of 12 seasons, enter 7 professional bowls, in 2006, helping the team to enter the super bowl.

Hopkins can only be 24 years old in July this year, and there is still a long peak period to wait for wholesale nfl Jerseys him in the future. Texas will also give him a high long-term contract to keep him and surround him. Create an offensive lineup.

The fifth year option for Texas people perform external handle Hopkins

According to Ian Rapoport, Houstown, Houstown, Duxi Tie’s Dragon’s Duxi Terminal, Duxi Contract, DEANDRE HOPKINS. The annual team options, Hopkins will bring at least in Texas to the end of the 2017 season.

A news that Levis’s news is revealed that Rewick tells Feng (Volin) aware of his responsibilities and understands the team’s regulations. After the training, he apologized to Belicik. “The message is accurate, the rules are valid for each person.”

In fact, the late player will be sent home for Belick, nothing. The main coach of this new England Patriot in 2009 in 2009, Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas, Derrick Burgess, and Guri-Gatong (Gary Guyton) is sent home. Brandon Spikes was placed in the last season for 3 days, in fact, because of the reason why it was late.

Boston Global Times reporters reported that Bill Belichick did not allow it to participate in the team training. Because our corner is late to get the team at 7:30 in the morning. But on Wednesday, training was asked why Levis’s answer was absent from Tuesday’s training Yes: “Just asking him, you will ask him.”