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In theory, Cole should be a task of impacting four-point guard in this season, and the number of killing of the Pony is only more than 5 soccer teams. The only good news for Pony is that this injury has not happened in second-line defensive that has been detained.

This also announced the formal end of Peterson’s Rookie career. As early as the seventh week in the 2018 season, I have reported that Pitterson asked to be procurdy (at that time 1-6). He apologized this move when he participated in the golf course in the following year.

Peterson is the first Route 5 of 2011, and 8 selected professional bowls in 10 seasons, 3 times selected the best lineup. Although Peterson’s performance is excellent, the red rhech is disappointing, only two times in the playoffs this time. Last season Piteson played all 16 regular seasons, completed 61 hugs, 3 copies. Pitson’s career has completed 28 copies.

According to the news published by the Colorado Engelwood Police Bureau, Kelly illegally invaded a household house, and then he was expelled out of the door. When searching, the police found Kelly in a black SUV nearby and arrested them.

Since there is no preseason, there are not many competition in Washington, which last year, Dwayne Haskins, also easily gains the first opportunity. After four games, Rivira made Haskins as a substitute, and then cut it due to the external problem.

US time on Thursday, Rivira said: “There will be competition in the team. This time I know who I get the first position, but he wants to compete with other people. I want to bring the first opportunity to bring the biggest victory opportunity. , People who grow and develop opportunities. “

Washington coach: Fitz Patrick is the first, but you need to competeWhen Ryan Fitzpatrick is signed, Washington will treat him as a first quadrant. However, according to the coach Ron Rivera, this is still a job that needs him to fight.

In addition, according to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, Brown cut off the near-end Darren Felles. Füls last season first battle 11 games, completed 11 batches, pushed 117 yards, reached 3 times.

Wild Horse 4-point Wei Charde-Kelly illegal invasion Beijing October 24th, US Terminal Tuesday, the wild horse replenishment four-point Wei Turde-Kelly was arrested due to the first-level illegal intrusions (First-Degree Criminal Trespass).

J.J. Watt has harvested three annual defensive player trophies, enough for yourself. However, the resume of T.J. is not imaginary. The industry has visited the cowboy, wild horses and red skin, and it is expected to be 49 people, dolphins and saints have private training.

“He is very similar to me, but it is much stronger than I originally.” JJ said, “I have to be stronger than I have the same age. There are more growth potential. I think he is a very special player, It is quite interesting to look at him. “