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Since the season is determined, it will continue to stay in Cincinnati to become a problem focus. Jones expects 5.3 million US dollars in non-contained funds, as well as a big list bonus with $ 500,000 and $ 200,000 training bonus.

Texas has tried to trader Crawni to Miami dolphins, but this rushing hand does not want to join dolphins. Subsequently, Texas traded him to Seattle Hawks, got 2020, the third round of draft, line Weiya cloth – Martin (Jacob Martin) and Barkevious Mingo. O’Brien said he likes the return of this trading.

In the Texas people dismiss General Manager Brian Gaine and failed to hire, O’Brien was responsible for the team players’ changes. The O’Brien and team management take responsibility for the general manager. Under the leadership of O’Brien, Texas failed to sign the Continued page contract before the deadline and the privileged label player Clausen. This ultimately leads to the Crawni cheap jerseys from china the team.

Although Payne had never missed the first episode, the Raiders have had the experience of the game when Payne absent. Menezes Rick – Watson (Menelik Watson) will replace Penn starter. He had suffered a knee injury and was out last season card week against the Houston Texans game performance is very bad. Payne’s departure last game quickly affected the team’s performance.

The Oakland Raiders starting left tackle will undergo foot surgery on Thursday, he will miss the remaining games of the regular season. Payne was injured in the loss to the Dallas Cowboys playing the game.

The tenth week of the best defensive players in the United States: Minnesota Vijing Ni Tierence NEWMAN, Newman joined the legendary sanders in the game competition, became the history of NFL only Some of the 37-year-old single-game competition has obtained the corner of the ball. This is a good performance for a player like a red wine.

But in the game competition, Cossos’ capacity has been fully played. He benefited from the game of the new Orleans saints and the team, especially the performance of Matt Jones, and finally Cousins Get 324 yards 4 times to help the red skin 47-14 overcome the Saint, and in fact the red skin is restrained at the last moment.

If Braddy has gained the court, he can return to the stadium in the first week. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport analyzes Braddy in the legal level. Breddy can first seek the court to reach the punishment, so Braddy can be played when the legal proceedings can be played. If the court reaches the ban, Braddy may choose to quickly advance the case in the court, or you can want the court to take the case after the court has been reached in the 2015 season. The next dispute that NFL and players will be the case. NFL previously confirmed to ban Breddy to the Federal Tribunal in New York. Since there have been experienced experience in Minnesota, the players will prosecute in Minnesota. However, according to the news obtained by the NFL official website, the Judges of the Minnesota Regional Court will order the case to the New York District Court Acceptance.

On the same day they announced the prosecution, the Patriot’s team said to the union decision. Board Robert Kraft Kraft said NFL’s decision “is difficult to understand” and said he regrets the NFL. Breddy said that he did not do something wrong.

Payne were to stop training during this offseason and most of training camp to seek a new contract in the first week after the Raiders game he got it. But this season the trend is not ideal for the Raiders. Now 6 wins and 8 losses they are still theoretically possible to enter the playoffs but need to meet a number of conditions to succeed.

It will be played for the Raiders since Payne missed a game for the first time. As one of the most stable coalition to protect the players pass, Penn since the 2007 season, he has never missed a regular-season starter.

The NFL player will officially sue NFL in Minnesota on Wednesday on Wednesday. They asked the Federal Court of Minnesota to revoke the penalties for Bradi. The players announced that they will resort to laws on Tuesday.

Texas people coach O’Brien: Trading is carefully consideredBeijing September 4th news on weekends Houston Texas reorganized lineup through a series of transactions. They got a left-off Tunsil, Laremy Tunsil, External Hands, Stills, and Running Karlos Hyde, but also lost 2 The first round of draft, 1 second round of draft and career bowls, Jedevon, Jade, Clowney.

“These transactions are part of the plan, and we have been carefully considered, we spent a lot of time and strive to implement plans,” O’Brien said. “This is not only a plan to improve the team in 2019, but also to improve the lineup of the future, let us have the ability and flexibility to renew our core players, while continuing to increase the development of excellent players.”

“I understand that everyone will analyze how we do it. We got what returned, we gave Seattle. In the end, we did we think that the team and the most favorable decision,” O’Brien said. “We feel that we have received the third round of draft 2020, we also feel that we have received two capabilities. They work hard, they pay a lot of efforts, they are very good people, we feel we did The best decision to the team. “