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If Osville came to Los Angeles, then he will greatly improve the short attack of the ram. In all the games he played last season, the short pass accuracy of Osville was as high as 84.7% in all the games of 1-10 yards. In at least 50 quarter-free quarter, this grade is ranked fifth. On the other hand, Nick Foles has the fourth devote 73.1% of accuracy, while Cassi-Kana is the fifth difference.

Last season, the chief did not complete the front year of the whole year. In the new season, they signed the former Philadelphia Eagle, Jeremy Maclin, Thomas will initiate an impact on the 2nd pickup position.

Super Bowl last minute scramble the ball off the Mustang deposit suspected foulWhether to help the Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory that locked the defense should have been convicted of illegal batting?

The height is 5 fet 8 inch, and the 366 pounds of Thomas show its fullness last season. He can run, and it is also good in the cover. After changing the hands, the team will use his speed advantage to combat the opponent second-line defense. As a teammate, Hengwei He En-Smith has given a high evaluation: “You must respect his speed. Everyone doesn’t like and have the player who has this speed. From my personal perspective Since I have much higher than him, I have to move early, judge early, and more efforts are needed when steering. “

MMQB website correspondent Peter – Gold (Peter King) took note of the behavior of Miller and Miller in an interview Friday. “I was being blocked,” Miller said. “So I can not immediately grab the ball. I think Kanmu be rushed to grab, but I guess he will not be diving grab. I can not ball flew business, so I try, I do not know how to say, the ball aside to our players. “Miller video display looks the ball and then dial back security guard TJ Ward got the ball.

The chieftain will take out to take over the new season.Kansas City Chief Run Guide Anthony – DE & RSQUO; Anthony Thomas decided to replace the location during this course. According to reports, the new season Thomas will provide assistance to the team. Thomas said: “This can provide more help for the offensive group, the opponent must always pay attention to my position. I believe this change will succeed.”

In more than four minutes left in the game, the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player von – Miller (Von Miller) from the outside reached the ball from Carolina Panthers quarterback Kanmu – hit Newton (Cam Newton) hands go. Then both players fighting off the ball. While most eyes are on whether Newton should be diving the ball, few people noticed Miller dial back the ball to go.

Saints officially announced that the declined DowntownThe New Orleans is still troubled by the high total salary in the team. On Monday, local time, the team decided to cut off Wakodi-Lovon (CURTIS Lofton). According to the relevant persons, the two sides have been negotiated on the restructuring contract, but failed to achieve consistency. After cautious thinking, the team decided to take Ryphon. This solution will also make more than $ 4 million in salary space for the team.

If the NFL decided to expand the scope of review of the video in this offseason, hitting may become future action can be audited. We can never know whether this rule would change the outcome of the Super Bowl.

Just in the nearest season, in the case of no pressure, Griffin’s performance looks good. He under pressure, the transfer rate of the passage is as high as 79.4%, and the average 8.8 yards can be taken each time. That is what makes Griffin in the 2013 and 2014 season, is not as good as a new show? In the 2014 season, he was only 53.0 under the pressure of the ball, and this data was 87.7 in the 2012 season. Of course, he also suffered too many murders. Just in the recent 2014 season, the wild horses have the strongest passed to protect the offensive front line (the score reached 86.2). However, in the 2015 season, this offensive line of Ryan Clady is struggling in the pass protection, but the good news is that Krady will return the injury next season. With the best passage of the whole career, the best passed, a good offensive front line, maybe Robert Griffin II will reward new students?

Miller’s remarks make it look like he intentionally hit the ball back. At the time Miller moves very quickly that it does not look like the ball back, linked here but an effort to snatch the ball out of the players, which is probably why the referee did not make a representation.

Pony’s defensive end Refine continues to contribute to the teamCory redding only three-wheeled show in 2003, brought three teams before joining Indianapolis pony in the 2012 season. And Reed successfully reached its own peak status in Pony, became the biggest bright spot in the pony team in Sore, which is a player who can contribute to the stabilization performance in the pony.

Alvi said: “Honestly, our ball is soft, the preseason is winning, starting 3-1. In this case, the court is surrounded by thousands of feet? That can have a big trouble, you are welcome. We are now this situation, and it is difficult to rebound. This is a good lesson for us, I hope that this will not happen again. “