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This is a story of a man who is extremely superstitious. Bradford Readme: “I am a very talented person. When I eat, I must eat 3 copies. When I came to University, the game usually on Thursday. We often go to a restaurant, we will have the same female waiter every week, she will Give us 3 meint sugar. Once, the female service is not there, we didn’t get mening sugar, I can only say to my friends: & lsquo; pay attention, you have to tell us the female waiter, let her give her We have 3 meint sugar, and I have my ice tea. This is a routine. & Rsquo; I just don’t want to break the rule. Now in the game, if I want to eat fruit, then I will eat in the morning, maybe a cantaloupe. Or pineapple, but must be 3 pieces, everything is 3 copies. “

However, from the perspective of the salary, Johnson will receive a $ 10.2 million guaranteed income in the 2020 season, compared to the team, cutting him will occupy more salary. Therefore, even if the red scintem is more likely to be the main running guard in the future, Johnson does not seem to be wise.

With the return of Green, the Mohamed Sanu (Mohamed Sanu) is in this time, and the four-point guardian Dalton will have the opportunity to return to the competition of the forefront of the foreigners. among.

Kalil’s work may be enviable & mdash; & mdash; eat fat, target weight 315 pounds. His recipe requires 5,000 calories a day. He has said to the media that he eats lean meat, pasta and sweet potato every day, and add three meals, usually peanut sauce with a sauce sandwich, and emergency ration is a mexican coil.

Previously, Matthew has expressed dissatisfaction with the reserves of the go of railing the go of the rag from the Roof Todd Grley. Matthe’s contract contracted with the ram of 50 million US dollars, there is still 2 million US dollar bonuses that have not been paid.

Perhaps the transaction of the Red Johnson is a choice, but this may require the rocque to take part of the salary and set a draft to attract other teams. Kaim also said that there is only one running guard in the array, so Johnson may also leave the team and serve as a high price substitute next season.

Waiting for the business, Homagren: There have been multiple teams and I contact me.Black Monday is coming again. A number of teams have declared their coach or general manager overnight. Every time, some name will always be repeated. Mike Holmgren is one of them, as a handsome man who has led Green Bay packaging and Seattle Hawks ranked among super bowls, he is naturally the object of the team that needs coaches.

On Monday, Homgren said in an interview with Seattle media: “There are already several teams to contact me, I can’t say more, but in the past few days, my call has been ringing.” 66 years old Horm Glen once tied to the Auckland raid to visit the raid, but the final parties did not make further negotiations.

During some time, Foster is very unhappy because he has attacked it by the public. He said: “Everyone is a nutritionist, what should I eat?” He designed your own recipe with vegetarian food, breakfast eating oats and fruits, eat green leaf vegetables, potatoes, rice, dinner to eat green leaf vegetables , Buckwheat and rice.

Tiger is sure that the star outside Greek Week, the US TigerCincinnati Mason’s coach Mavin Lewis Friday confidence is full of expression of the team’s number one star, AJ Green has been trained for three days this week, and can play Sunday, Jackson Virgian Tiger team’s game.

Ron Wolf, general manager of the front package, is currently a consultant of New York Jet. He is very good with Homgrar, and the media will not help. Will the New York will be the next stop of this old handsome . Himglen said after being brought to Cleveland Brown, Hemagn said that he is in a “semi-retired” state, and it will not give a clear attitude on whether the rivers and lakes have never given a clear attitude. Last year, he also said that he would like to become a coach of Dallas Cowboy.

Aliis is 66 years old, once two elected NFL annual best coaches. He has a four-dimensional ability industry, all knows that in Pen Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer, the manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer.

Green is a toe injury in the second week, and from the fifth week, it has been absent from the artificial grass-type toe injury. He is all “limited” to participate in training this Wednesday, but he is still preparing for the first.

According to reports, Aliis also went to the local hospital in the pirate interview, which can be uncomfortable in the coach interview. But considering the history of renal cancer, the pirates are also affected.

The coach Rewick said: “If there is no deterioration, he may go to the field.” The Tiger team scored 1 win in the three games without Green, including the same part of the mockup of the same district. Competition (they already killed their opponents this season).

What is the American football player of Nfl Jerseys?If you know the NFL player, you should know what you want to eat, what you have to eat, and you may eat the simplest hamburger without bread, or even eat vegetarian. However, they almost everyone will drink protein powder improving drinks. So, what is the NFL player eat?