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49 people left to be off, Williams: Garobo is four-point guards that can lead the winning

In the past 10 years, the offense of Trent Williams has protected the blind side of many Washington red skin quadrants.

In the red skin, the ups and downs of Williams makes Williams understand what players are excellent quartz.

After 49 people traded to San Francisco, Williams said in an interview that he believes that 49 people were scored Ji-Garmy Garoppolo is currently in the top of the league.

“I think Jimmy is great,” Williams said. “I think he has proven to be a quarter-saving that can lead the winner. In this alliance, it is difficult to find such a quarter-saving position. The four defense is the most difficult position. I think this is why you see them. Will get such a contract. There is a four-point guard who can complete the correct reading and correct pass to make Kyle Shanahan sleep comfortably at night, because the team has one of you know that you will not be buried. The player of the game. You make him as a most favorable environment. He will lead the team. “

Williams just fighting in 2 playoffs in his career and lost. After Galopolo ran out in the Super Bowl last season, cheap jerseys from china Williams is pleased to be able to talk to a quarter-saving effort with a self-trust.

“In my position, I didn’t have a lot of success in the alliance. At the beginning, I had an outstanding quarter-off, but I started to change people like a horse, this experience made me know the importance of the four-defense position,” he Say. “So I am very happy to join an offensive group that really doesn’t need me to win. I am coming to the brocade.”

49 people hoped that Williams came to help them further, cheap jerseys from the superbell team to the super bowl of championship team.