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America Tiger Made Novir: Will not let teammates disappoint

Beijing June 7th If you see the annual salary list of the offensive front line player, the name of Andrew Norwell, cheap jerseys free shipping the name of Andrew Norwell, is high.

The United States Tiger last year was 66.5 million in 5 years, including a contract of $ 30 million guaranteed income, Norware. At that time, this is the highest strife contract in wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping history.

However, this heavy investment in the Jenan Tiger did not receive an ideal return in the first season. Novol is troubled by injuries and is unstable on the field. He first took the calf strain in the stage of the season, and then on the court, especially in the offense of the squash. In the professional football focused network score, he raised the scorpion score last season at the lowest career. In the end, the ankle injury in November will stop his season after 11 games.

Norware is ready to welcome the second season of the Jasper Tiger, and the performance of the last season will be thrown.

“I am not looking for an excuse, but last season is not my healthier season,” Norwell said. “I took a hurt and eventually received serious injuries. I am very disappointed. I will not let my teammates disappoint.”

Before joining the Jaguar, the Noville of the Carolina Black Panther was selected in the 2017 season. He also returned to this level. “I am still the same,” he said. “I am just being injured all year. I really can’t keep health. I can’t keep steady training every week. This is especially difficult for me. This is why you have to rely on your own basic work and strive to train. You just rely on the basic skills that makes you achieve today. “

Health and performance of Norwell can upgrade the Jagua offensive front line in the new season and ultimately help the team offensive group.