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Ram and defensive cut off Da Ma Jue – Soviet

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (Adam Schefter), the original dolphin defensive cut off Da Ma Jue-Su (NDAMUKONG SUH) has been agreed with the raft, and will sign a $ 14 million contract for a year. He will drive the defensive front line of the ram with Alon Donald.

Since 2010, the Soviet Wevered Determination has spread all over the league. He harvested 10 killed in the rookie year, once forced the ball, take the ball and returned to the trip, 1 copy and 3 times destroyed. Excellent performance helps him as a new show in the 2010 season.

After the Lion spent five seasons, the Sui kills the number of teams to the team’s history, but he is also the fate of Detroit. Su will sign a contract with Miami dolphins, cheap authentic jerseys usa a total of 15.5 killed in 3 years.

Although Su Entered the playoffs, there is not much time, but his performance is not weak. He has participated in 3 playoffs in his career and harvested 3.5 killing.

As a recognized union, discount nfl jerseys one of the best inside of the union, Su Tucao achieved a total of 51.5 kills and 4 times forced the ball. He was selected 5 times in a career bowl, and all ALL-PRO was selected 3 times. Health is not a problem for him. In the past eight years, Su is just absent 2 games.