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Panthers defensive anchor pulled out of training

Carolina Panthers defensive tackle main Costa – Luotulelei accidentally leg injuries in Monday’s training, then he was carried out of the health care workers off. Last season’s quarter 后赛洛图勒雷 had foot injuries, and Cheap Jerseys subsequently underwent offseason surgery to repair. According to the Charlotte Observer newspaper reported Luotulelei said his foot stress of discomfort, and will rebuild detected and evaluated in the next few weeks. Luotulelei after simple treatment at the scene wearing a protective boot away from the training ground.

Panthers coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) said in an interview with ESPN interview: “Luotulelei foot soreness feeling good news is that doctors Anderson is about to come over to check, so we just need a good Taking care of him on the line we will be very careful to treat this injury. “when interviewed by reporters whether Luotulelei I will injury absence for some time Luotulelei replied:.” I do not know. “

Luotulelei Panthers defensive front is an important part of the team has lost Kavan – Schulte (Kawann Short) This generals, Cheap Jerseys From China can not afford more impairment, so the whole team are on the injury particularly concerned about the situation.