Working to safeguard your property (Part 3)

In this last post on the subject we will be considering a few more things that a homeowner can do to protect his or her property and ward off the threat posed by burglars.

As there have been a number of reported instances recently where thieves have been targeting sliding glass patio doors to gain entry to a house, a secondary blocking device can give you extra peace of mind. This can be achieved by placing a wooden stick into the track, which prevents or limits how much it can be moved.

When fitting new windows or doors, it is important that you only get products which have been certified to current standards.

Neighbourhood watch schemes can be very good at ensuring that people living in a particular area keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. As well as this you could have a word with your adjacent neighbours and try to agree on watching out for one another’s homes.

In addition to the security lighting you can install on your property, a burglar alarm is something you should seriously consider. It is also necessary to keep it well maintained to ensure it is working at its optimum.

If you bear all these things in mind, you will be able to do so in the knowledge you have done all you can to look after your home.

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