What to do to protect your home before you go on holiday (Part 3)

At this time of year with the weather heating up somewhat many people will be considering where they want to go for their summer holidays. However, as we have been discussing, this can bring with it the problem of what to do to safeguard the home when away.

It is true that the more you do to prevent the likelihood of being burgled the better you will feel about things. In addition to monitored alarm systems and other high tech equipment which can alert the emergency services should the alarm be triggered at any point, you should also think about the following points.

As we have said already, be sure to make the house look occupied. By doing some simple things you can fully protect your home. Don’t leave any deliveries of newspapers or milk on your doorstep. Cancel any grocery deliveries and ask a neighbour to keep an eye out for you till you get back, collecting anything left outside. Also, be sure to remove any valuables easily seen in the front window.

Remember to lock up after yourself. This one may sound obvious but many people forget to lock a patio door or shut an upstairs window before they go on holiday, usually because they are in so much of a rush. It is worthwhile to go through the house room by room to ensure nothing has been missed. Then you can go away assured that you have done all you possibly can to protect your property.

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