Warrington residents warned to secure their homes

The police in Warrington have identified a rise in burglary cases during winters. The reason behind this is said to be the early darkness. As stated by detective inspector Matt Durcan, the police are increasing night time patrol across areas that have seen an increase in criminal cases as a precautionary measure. He also assured people that the police force is working to solve this problem.

Durcan has advised residents to be aware and more security conscious. He has suggested to them that they avoid the display of valuable items in windows and doors as it attracts criminals. Residents should keep their place looking inhabited by using lights on timer switches.

Secure yourself with home security systems

The best solution for preventing this sort of crime is installation of home security systems. You can find different systems to secure your home like burglar alarms, cameras, wireless security systems etc. These systems sound an alarm if anyone tries to break in and are also helpful in identifying burglars with cameras. This should reduce the rates of burglary and will help police to find any burglar in the event that a theft takes place.

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