Want to know more about how burglar alarms function? Then read on

Burglar alarms are commonly used nowadays in order to prevent burglaries. Their state-of-the-art functioning provides optimum protection to commercial as well as residential properties. An understanding of the functioning of burglar alarms will assure you of the benefits of using them.

How burglar alarms work

Though burglar alarms are available in different types, their basic functioning remains the same. Contrary to popular belief, functioning is quite simple to understand.

Almost all burglar alarms function on the basis of the breaking of the circuit system. These alarms contain a sensor or a switch which detects any sort of intrusion or break in. For example, the in-built sensor detects a break-in and sounds an alarm accordingly.

Closed Circuit Systems

In these particular systems, the electrical circuit remains closed when a door is shut. An alarm sounds when the door opens as it obstructs the flow of electricity. Generally, electricity flows freely from one point of the circuit to another and an obstruction in the flow of electricity sounds off an alarm.

Open Circuit Systems

In this particular system, the door closes the circuit, and an alarm sounds whenever the circuit is complete.

Similarly, burglar alarms differ on the basis of the alarm triggered. Some alarms might trigger a siren whereas other alarms might flash warning lights. Many modern burglar systems trigger an automatically dialled telephone call to the local police station.

You can now knowledgably choose a burglar alarm after understanding their basic functioning.

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