Understanding the functioning of home alarm systems

House alarms are one of the most important factors to consider after buying a house. Following is a brief description of the workings of home alarm systems:

How home alarms function

These systems have undergone a drastic change since their inception. False alarms used to be a common problem with the older home alarm models. However, the newer models are almost flawless as far as the technical aspects are concerned. A home alarm consists of different components. Home alarms feature sensors that are kept hidden in different locations within the home. A central computer or control panel is then placed in an area which is out of the way. The third component, a keypad, is placed near the entry.

Sounding an alarm

Whenever the sensor senses motion, it transmits a message to the main control panel. The central control panel may be programmed in such a way that it sends out an automated telephone call to the police. It also sounds a loud alarm whenever the sensor detects motion. Therefore, the residents of the house are informed when there are intruders inside the home.

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