Two types of popular home alarm systems

Many homes in the UK now have a house alarm fitted as standard. A good thing here is that they come in a range of prices so you can select one that suits your budget and yet fulfils all your requirements. There are different types of house alarms. A couple of these types are mentioned below.

Panic button house alarms

House alarms with panic buttons are a great choice. A panic button can be installed at the entry/exit point in the home, as well as the master bedroom and they can also be integrated with wired and wireless house alarms. If you have a wireless house alarm, you can even carry the panic button with you when you walk around the home. With wireless house alarms and instant alarm can be sounded if there has been a burglary attempt at your home.

Intruder house alarms

Intruder house alarms have a number of sensors that are placed indoors at different locations. Intruder house alarms can also come with pressure sensors that can be fitted below mats, carpets, floor panels and also door sensors. If you are working on a tight budget, then intruder house alarms are a good option for you. They are also really affordable compared to other types of house alarm.

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