Tips to install a wireless security camera

The advantage of wireless security cameras is that they can be installed at a place where they are impossible to notice. They do not involve complicated installation procedures due to the absence of cables. Wireless cameras are preferred as they cannot be easily damaged or sabotaged. If you are buying a wireless security camera, here are few easy tips to install it:

Pick an appropriate location

It is important to select the right location for your security camera. This camera should be installed at a place where it cannot be seen, yet at the same time it can record the burglary without any distraction. The angle and height are two main things to consider while choosing the location.

Use camera mounting brackets

Do not install the security camera without mounting brackets. It will restrict the camera movements otherwise. To install the mounting bracket place it at the desired place and mark the points where you need to drill the holes before doing so.

Fix the bracket

Now fix the bracket in the wall using appropriate sized screws. Before installing your camera, make sure that the bracket is tightly held by the screws. Your camera mounting bracket is now ready to use.

The next step is to fix the camera on the bracket. Insert the batteries in the camera before mounting it.

Take care while installing the camera

Do not install security camera near heated places. The camera might get damaged. Also avoid installing it near power sources to prevent an electrical fire.

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