Tips on installing burglar alarms

Burglar alarms are commonly used these days. They are a must if you want to deter thieves and curb thefts. It is important that you install the burglar alarm appropriately. Here is a brief guide on how to install burglar alarms:

1. Decide on the location

This is the first step of installing a security alarm. Decide a location for the control panel. Similarly, you will have to decide the location for the window and door sensors. Ensure that you place the control panel in an accessible place. However, it should be not directly visible to an intruder. Keep in mind that the control panel should be placed near an electrical outlet or telephone line. On the other hand, window and door sensors should be placed near the windows and doors respectively and should be in clear view to act as a deterrent.

2. Install the control panel

You should then install a control panel on the wall using screws. Connect it to an electrical outlet by wiring it. You can choose a wireless system to get rid of the mess of wires. Connect the control panel to the telephone line if you are using a monitored burglar alarm system.

3. Adjust the siren

Ensure that you adjust the siren and lights in an area where they can be heard easily. However, the siren and lights should be hidden or else a burglar may tamper with it.

4. Program the alarm system

Follow the instruction manual and program the alarm system via the keypads on the control panel. Check the burglar alarm once to see if it is working properly, and perform regular checks on the system to ensure it continues to function correctly.

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