The workings of wireless home alarm systems

A wireless home alarm system works similar to other wireless devices. It sends a wireless signal from a remote location to a central control panel. As wireless home alarm systems have greatly improved over the past few years, they are now used on a wider scale in many homes. False alarms were a major problem of earlier wireless home security systems. However, with the introduction of newer technologies, this issue has been rectified.

Three important components

Wireless home alarm devices are made from many different components. The sensors are generally placed at different locations around your home. A central control panel is generally installed in an out of the way area. The keypad will usually be placed at the entry to the building. For appropriate working of wireless home alarm systems, these three components are essential.

The wireless sensors are strategically placed around the home, near doors, windows and other areas that allow access to the home. When the sensors detect any type of activity or motion, they send a wireless message back to the central control panel.

As soon as the control panel receives a message, it either calls a monitoring system or instantly places an automatic telephone call. The control panel can also sound an audible alarm.

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