The functioning of a burglar alarm system

Burglar alarm systems have become mandatory for every household in recent times. While many people use a burglar alarm system to protect their home, few are aware of the way they function. It is always prudent to understand the functioning of a burglar alarm system so that the minor issues can be dealt with, without having to call experts.

Personal use

Burglar alarm systems are installed on windows and doors as these are the most vulnerable areas in a house. The alarm components installed on doors and windows are small detectors. When the window or door is closed, these detectors maintain an electrical connection. An alarm is triggered as soon as the connection is broken. In most cases, a burglar alarm system is connected to the phone which automatically dials the appropriate company when the alarm is triggered. The main alarm box receives the signal from any of the protected zones and will contact the company. Whether you trigger it or a burglar does is immaterial to the alarm.

The role of a burglar alarm company

When the burglar alarm company receives a notification of the triggering of a burglar alarm, they will call the homeowner. Most burglar alarm companies operate on two codes given by the homeowner. One code says that the alarm was triggered by mistake. The second code requires the owner to say that nothing is wrong but with a hidden message.

Thus, in this manner the burglar alarm system protects your home in an intelligent manner.

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