Success of police campaign in the North East

It has been revealed that an operation launched by Northumbria Police last month to tackle the problem of burglary in Tyne and Wear has proved to be a relative success, with 75 arrests and over 50 homes searched.

The series of raids were conducted across one weekend in February as part of the Operation Predator campaign to crackdown on those suspected of burglary.

Properties in Sunderland, Houghton-le-Spring and Washington were targeted by the police and cash and other items recovered during the raids.

Neighbourhood Inspector for the Sunderland Central area, Neal Craig, said:

“The aim of Operation Predator is to catch those suspected of being responsible for burglaries across Sunderland, whether they are house break-ins or premises that are not lived in, for example businesses, vacant properties and outhouses.

“We will continue to take action against those suspected of being responsible for burglaries across the city as well as crimes linked to burglaries, such as drugs and drug supply and handling stolen goods”.

In order to prevent burglars from being able to enter your home or business premises easily, you seriously need to consider the installation of burglar alarms and security systems and reduce the threat posed by criminals looking to steal from your property.

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