SecurityCAM’s Commercial CCTV Systems Saved my Store from Being Burned

I have recently got commercial CCTV cameras through SecurityCAM, and I can’t thank them enough for their invaluable help. Without the commercial security systems I got through them, my shop would have been burned to the ground a few days ago.

I had recently opened a swanky department store in a somewhat rundown commercial district, and I naturally attracted a fair bit of the regular clientele of the other, older stores. They were again obviously not very happy about it, but I didn’t think I would start receiving threatening letters. I thought it was a joke at first, but when the letters became more abusive, I decided to get good commercial security, as the police couldn’t always be around my store.So I got commercial CCTV systems from SecurityCAM, after some web research, as the commercial CCTV cameras offered by them could be remotely monitored.

I am glad that I got commercial security when I did, because, just a couple of weeks later, I was remote monitoring the commercial CCTV cameras from my home, when I saw two masked people breaking into my store; they started throwing around a liquid which I suspected was inflammable. I immediately called the police and rushed there myself. We arrived there just as the two men were about to drive off, after having set fire to my store. The police caught them, and they turned out to be one of my competitors, and his son.

Luckily, the fire brigade reached a few moments later, and they were able to put out the fire before there was any major damage. Thanks, SecurityCAM; your commercial CCTV systems saved me from ruin!

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