Purchasing a home alarm system? Find out some more about this system

Home alarms are one of the most important things to consider if you own a house. The functioning of a wireless home alarm system is similar to other wireless devices. This means that the individual remote units transmit a signal back to the main control panel. Mentioned below is a brief description about home alarm systems.

How do home alarms function?

These systems have undergone a drastic change since their inception. False alarming used to be a common problem with the older home alarm models. However, the newer models are almost flawless as far as the technical aspects are concerned. A home alarm consists of different components. These components include shock sensors, PIRs and magnetic door switches which are positioned at different locations in the home. A control panel is needed to communicate with these devices and is usually placed in the cellar or other discrete location. Another component – a keypad, is placed near the entry or exit point.

The alarm

When the alarm is set and a sensor senses motion, it transmits a signal to the main control panel. The central control panel then sends a signal to the bell box which sounds the alarm. Therefore, the homeowners are informed when the alarm system is activated. Some control panels include a dialer which can be connected to the phone system and dial a predetermined number if the alarm sounds.
Opt for an alarm system and protect your home, belongings and family.

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