More home security advice for the spring season

If you have been reading the news this morning you may have come across reports that parts of England experienced higher temperatures than in traditionally warmer places like Barcelona and Malta. And with the good weather set to continue into next week, there will be plenty of people having barbeques this weekend and spending time in the garden.

But as the spring brings with it more sun and lighter nights, this is the time when burglars look out for opportunities to steal from those who are lax with their home security arrangements. This is not just down to an effective burglar alarm either, though this is certainly something you should seriously consider.

There are other things you can do both inside and outside your property to ward off thieves. One of the most important of these is to ensure that your garden equipment is not left lying around where it can be used to gain access to your home. When this is in addition to unlocked and open windows, burglars may decide to take a chance and break in to your house.

Other things to think about include not hiding spare keys outside your home where they can easily be discovered, security marking and photographing your valuables, while not leaving them on display in the window and locking all doors when you go out.

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