Installing a burglar alarm? Three common myths de-mystified

Because burglary is on the rise, homeowners need to take extra security measures to better protect their family and belongings. There are many security systems available in the market to protect your home.
Unfortunately, there are certain myths associated with these systems. In some cases, these myths deter homeowners from purchasing security systems. If you are one of these, read on and clarify your doubts.

Myth: Wireless burglar alarms are expensive

Fact: Wireless security system relatively cheap. This is because companies try to cover their manufacturing costs during the first few months of launching a product. With time, these prices come down and can be afforded by most families.

Myth: You will be bound to a contract if you buy a security system

Fact: This is completely false. The choice of signing a contract with a security company depends solely on you. You can buy a burglar alarm, have it installed by a professional company and then have no further interference of a third party company.

Myth: Pets can accidently trigger the alarm

Fact: Security systems have advanced to such an extent that the motion detectors analyse the size of the moving object prior to triggering an alarm. Anything smaller than a certain size, will not trigger the alarm on your security system.

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