How My CCTV Camera Systems Saved Me from Shoplifters

I was looking for a good commercial CCTV system, as I own a department store, in a somewhat crime prone area. My friend’s store which was just a block away had been robbed recently. So I was anxious to get CCTV cameras for my store as soon as possible.

I came across SecurityCAM’s website which was selling different kinds of CCTV camera systems for commercial premises. I liked what they were offering and asked them to tell me which one I should choose. Their security consultants suggested that I get a commercial CCTV set up with motion detectors.

I am glad I got my CCTV cameras when I did, for just a week later I saw footage of some suspicious looking persons peering into my shop windows at night. They suddenly seemed to become aware of the cameras, as they looked directly into the lens. They left quite hurriedly! Thanks to SecurityCAM, I can now breathe easy.

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