Home security systems – protect your possessions

According to an independent report, there is a household theft in Britain every 37 seconds, which is very concerning. There are devices which help in increasing security and decreasing thefts, so modern homeowners should install a security system to protect themselves and their possessions.

How does a security camera function?

Security cameras are commonly knows as CCTV or Closed Circuit Television cameras. Although it has a television in its name, it differs from the broadcast television. The signal which it transmits is from point to point or through wireless links. It broadcasts the image or the live feed of the area being monitored to the operator sitting at a location which might be a good distance away from the camera itself.

History of CCTV

CCTV was first designed and installed by Walter Burch to monitor the launch of rockets into space. Since then, the use of CCTV at launching sites for space shuttles and rockets is common. Its use then spread to banks and shops to deter and capture thieves.

Due to increased criminal activity in the UK, the use of CCTV security cameras in the home has grown and grown.

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